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Webserver and Qwest-DSL authentications

This morning, the apache webserver hung with a kernel-panic and needed a
reboot.  From logs, it appears it happened around 6:15am, and was
brought back up just after 9am.  FTP should not have been affected, but
websites and webmail had crept to a crawl at first then became
unresponsive during that time.

We've also been working on updating the radius servers, which
authenticate users on 56k/ISDN dialups and Qwest-DSL, with a newer
version on a newer machine.  Yesterday dialups were authenticating as
normal, but some Qwest-DSL customers were only sporadically working when
some attempts routed over to a backup radius server.  Even there, while
dialups went through properly, many Qwest-DSL attempts failed.

I've tracked that problem down to both an unlisted (refused) server on
the backup, and colliding IP addresses after a reboot between the "old"
primary and the new server.  Both are in working order again this morning.

I'll send out a proper planned-maintenance announcement when the radius
server is ready to move; the primary will be keeping it's IP addresses
(which is why the two collided this time) but the backup needs
coordination with our providers to change the IPs they attempt
connections to as well.  It'll be a middle-of-the-night non-peak
timeframe for the full switch-over, and tests in the meantime will get a
better look-over to ensure the IP collisions don't happen again.

~ Eric

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