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Email outage

Our main mail server that handles pop3, smtp, and imap went down early this
morning on an nfs hang.  This is due to a known software bug.  A hard power
cycle was required.  So naturally this had to wait until I was off work,
through Friday 3-day weekend traffic from Everett, Wa to Bellevue, Wa to
reboot the server the unfriendly way.  All services should be restored now.

Also an update on, our SSL web server.  I have a bunch
of new hard drives to use as a replacement, the server only needs one drive
so I should be able to find a good drive out of the bunch.  The only trick
is the machine we use for restoring hard drives only reconizes drives that
are formatted at 512 bytes per sector.  So now I'm trying to figure out how
to do that.   Once completed, we should be able to restore the machine
within a few hours, I will attempt to work more on this over the 3-day

-Carl Dinse

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