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web and email outage

    Starting last night at about 8pm we had a mail server outage, which 
dragged down the web server.  Attempts to reboot it failed.  I went out to 
the Bellevue co-location at 3am, and spent 1 hour getting things all back 
online.  I got home at 5am, at about 5:15am the server went down again, 
this time due to a power surge.  When ultra7 goes down it takes out ultra1 
as well.  Ultra7 is the pop3 and smtp mail server (outgoing) and ultra1 is 
the web server.  I didn't have enough time at 5am to make it back out to 
Bellevue and back before I had to be at work in Everett so it had to wait 
until I got off work this evening to go back and try again.

      Services effected, imap, pop3, and smtp connections.  Web services 
were also offline, this includes all virtual domains.  Everything should be 
back online now.

-Carl Dinse

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