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56k dialup issues, commerce, UUCP.

Several issues were hiding from me after our series of power outages
between December 25th, and the New Year holiday.

-The data base on our radius server was not running correctly, causing some
dialups to not authenticate.  That has now been fixed and restored.

-Commerce (SSL server for https) had a mistake in the /etc/fstab file,
causing a partition to not be mounted, as a result the server was not
operating correctly, that has also been fixed.

-Eskinews which only funtion now is UUCP connections, was not operating
correctly.  I discovered this was due to the server requiring a workstation
to be running in order to work.  Previously I was informed that the
workstation was not needed and I had it shutdown to save electricity.  I
believe, though not yet confirmed that UUCP is now back online.

-Carl Dinse

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