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Mail server saga ended! I hope.

Early Friday morning the mail server went back down, only hours after I had
rebooted it.  It died of another NFS hang.  I had to drive to Bellevue to
manually power cycle it again.  Services were restored at 6:30 AM PST.
Then at about 8:45 AM PST the mail server suffered yet another NFS hang.
At this point I was already at work and could not deal with it until I was
off work Friday evening.  Since I've had enough fun, I swapped the drives
with ultra6, one of our incoming mail servers.  This should rule out a
hardware failure.  The incoming mail server is a redundant, we have two, so
if it fails, the other one can back it up for now.  During the transistion
I had to shutdown all other servers temporarly to get things positioned and
restored correctly.  All services have been restored as of 8 PM PST.

Our file server also had ran out of space on the /usr partition.  That has
been cleared up as well as of Saturday morning at 1:30 AM PST.

All services should have been restored now, if you are still having
problems, please contact support, thank you!

-Carl Dinse

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