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Planned Maintenance 5/2/2012 9:30pm-midnight

     I had a machine I use for accounting purposes eat a disk drive and it's an
antique running SunOS.  In order to restore the data to a replacement drive, I
need to borrow the Eskimo shell server for a bit as it's the only other working
SunOS box I have.  The newer shell server, '' will still be
available during this interval.

     After that there are some software upgrades that need to be done that will
require a reboot of the main server, and that in turn will require a reboot of
various client machines, the mail server, and web server, and radius
authetication servers, so there will be brief outages while these are rebooted
during this time frame.

     If the reboots go cleanly it shouldn't be more than five minutes of
downtime, but sometimes they don't and file system checks can take up to about
40 minutes on some of the machines.

     I'm hoping that the software upgrade will resolve an issue with Xen
virtualization that will enable us to make some improvements to the service.

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