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Web Server

     Web server went into some state last night where Apache wouldn't stay
running.  By this morning when I came in, NFS communication between it and
the machine that has the mail spool had hung.  I rebooted it.  Almost
immediately it was hit with a denial of service attack that was
sufficiently intense that I couldn't get a response to commands to try to
find out where.

     I drove over to Bellevue with the intent of physically unplugging it
from the net and then looking at logs but by the time I got there the DOS
attack had subsided.

     I'm still working on getting the new server configured, but when it's
up it will address both of these issues.  NFS won't be mounted across the
network anymore and it has approximately 68x the CPU cycles and a lot more
I/O capability, so it will handle DOS attacks much more gracefully.

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