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Maintenance Downtime Tonight (just after midnight)

     As soon as the normal log rotations complete, just after midnight, I am
going to reboot iglulik (the main file server), shellx (the new shell server),
mx1 and mx2 (will replace ultra5 and ultra6 for incoming mail and DNS,
presently only serving DNS), web (will replace ultra1/www and is currently
serving ftp), mailer (will replace mail), and radius1 (will replace one of the
existing radius servers).

     All of these machines are running CentOS 6.3 which recently released new
kernels and glibc libraries.  The reboots are to make these updates active.

     I will be keeping shellx down slightly longer than the others to make an
image of it for restoration (basically a copy of the virtual machine).

     Everything should be operational within about 15 minutes and the
interruptions to most services will last less than a minute.

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