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FTP - FileZilla

     This isn't really an outage per se' but a note regarding
interoperability issues that have been addressed.

     When I first put the new ftp server up, there was an issue with
FileZilla because FileZilla choked on the response to a newer type of
directory command.  Testing I did seemed to indicate that FileZilla failed
with any servers that supported that command.  Because the command in
question was still experiemental, I took it out, things seemed good.

     But then I had some folks trying to upload via anonymous ftp fail, or
at least that's what we thought.  It turned out the transfer succeeded, I
had just failed to update symlinks in customers directories so they were
looking in the wrong place for uploaded files, that's fixed.

    Today, another customer using FileZilla was timing out.  The issue here
was that when they connected, our server tried to ident the connection but
they had the ident port blocked in their firewall.  This caused our server
to think it just had a real slow connection and wait instead of proceeding
with the login.

     I had ftpd launched out of xinetd, and it was actually xinetd trying
to do the RFC931 ident.  However, changing the xinetd configuration for a
shorter timeout or to disable RFC931 altogether didn't work.  I fixed this
particular problem by setting up ftpd as a stand-alone program however,
this is not practical for some other services like telnet on shellx.

     Therefore, if you get a long delay trying to connect something, allow
port 113 on your firewall as a work-around.

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