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Funder's Network on Trade and Globalization

Funders' Network on Trade and Globalization
A project of the Environmental Grantmakers Association

Coordinated by Mark Rand, located at:
37 Maddux Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone: 415-642-6022
Fax: 415-642-6022


Description: An unincorporated networking organization for global left-wing / anti-capitalist causes. Conceived during the 1999 World Trade Organization Seattle meeting when more than 40 anti-growth funders attended a Teach-In held by Jerry Mander's International Forum on Globalization (IFOG). IFOG members and others decided to launch a new network devoted to trade and globalization issues. FNTG was the result.
The problem:
FNTG is currently focused on stopping economic globalization - preventing economic growth worldwide by stopping the development of high-yield agriculture, safe water, roads, and other vital infrastructure and by gaining control over global markets and centralizing global economic power in new United Nations institutions. Their goals are a menace to prosperity and democracy worldwide.

Neither Funders' Network on Trade and Globalization, nor its sponsor, the Environmental Grantmakers Association, releases any financial information. Rockefeller Family Fund, the fiscal sponsor of both, reports: Revenue and Expenses: Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2000
  Revenue     Expenses
Contributions $10,429,040
Government Grants $0
Program Services $0
Investments $6,505,351
Special Events $0
Sales $0
Other $241,572
Program Services $10,150,729
Administration $873,686
Other $101,248
Total Expenditures $11,125,663
Total Assets $68,620,782
Total Revenue $17,175,963   NET GAIN/LOSS $6,050,300
FNTG is governed by a 12 person Steering Committee
Anannya Bhattacharjee, Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program Diana Cohn, Solidago Foundation
Michael Conroy, Ford Foundation* Jon Cracknell, JMG Foundation
Melissa Dann, Wallace Global Fund Carolyn Deere, Rockefeller Foundation*
Sarah Hansen, Environmental Grantmakers Association Jerry Mander, Foundation for Deep Ecology
Michael Northrop, Rockefeller Brothers Fund   Christina Roessler, French American Charitable Trust
Marni Rosen, Jenifer Altman Foundation Ada Sanchez, CarEth Foundation (withdrew, replacement not posted)

*denotes Executive Committee members

Mark Rand, FNTG coordinator, appointed February 2001
Background: executive director, JustAct: Youth Action for Global Justice (1997-2001);
West Africa regional director, Oxfam America (1991-1997);
Grants manager, United Support of Artists for Africa (1987-1990);
Canvas team leader, Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (1987);
Master's degree, School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia, England (1986);
Asia/Pacific assistant director and Africa Program advisor for Save the Children (1981-1985);
Teacher/community development worker in the Central African Republic


FTNG is governed by a 12 person steering committee. The current members are:

Sample grants earmarked specifically for Funders Network on Trade and Globalization or its projects, paid to Rockefeller Family Fund:

Foundation Name: The Rockefeller Foundation
Abstract: For matching grant toward
Funders Network on Trade and Globalization, initiative designed to support foundations and other funders in their efforts to promote global relations, policies and institutions that foster sustainable development around the world
Amount: $60,000             Year Authorized: 2001

Foundation Name: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Abstract: For efforts of
Environmental Grantmakers Association, including annual Fall Retreat, and start-up support for new working group, Funders Network on Trade Globalization
Amount: $68,500             Year Authorized: 2001

Foundation Name: The Rockefeller Foundation
Abstract: For use by its
Environmental Grantmakers Association toward Funders' Network on Trade and Globalization, initiative designed to raise awareness and facilitate dialogue within foundation community about relevance of international trade and globalization issues
Amount: $22,150             Year Authorized: 2000