List of Sufi-related resources on the Internet

Discussion lists:

tariqas discussion list
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FTP sites and files available by FTP:

Lex Hixon: Dreams & Sufism
Lex = Hixon: Dreams & Sufism


From the soc.religion.gnosis FAQ: The purpose of 'soc.religion.gnosis' is to provide a place for the serious discussion and exchange of questions, ideas, experience, views, and information about of the historical and contemporary trends, techniques. practice and development of gnosis and gnosticism, its related literature, and corresponding concepts such as satvika-jnana (Sanskrit), Ma'rifat (Arabic), and certain associated aspects of mystical ecstasy. Gnosis is the direct experience or 'knowledge' of the fullness of the Divine Being. It focuses on the illumination of the spirit by the realms beyond the physical and psychic levels. Everyone is invited to take part in this discussion.
alt.sufi newsgroup: "Come, come, whoever you are..."
alt.sufi newsgroup is an open forum for discussion of any topics related to sufi perspectives, = sufi stories, teachers, poetry and traditions. It is an unmoderated newsgroup, and true to the = sufi way, is intended to be a place for creating harmony among people and cultivating dialogue among seekers of the light of truth. =
alt.islam.sufism newsgroup
Extracted from a post to the newsgroup: as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah ta'ala wa barakat. Welcome to = alt.islam.sufism!!! The wajib al-wujud (Necessary Being "ness") of this = newsgroup is to facilitate discussions of tassawuuf (Sufism), the mystical = dimension of Islam. So if you are on any stage of the path to the One = (al-Ahad), interested in this perspective, or just plain curious about = Sufism you have come to the right place. Needless to say, muslim and = non-muslim alike are welcome to this newsgroup.

Web sites:

Pictures from Konya, Turkey (including Rumi's tomb)
Pictures from = Konya, Turkey =
Rumi html file, about his life and a collection of poems
Rumi life= = and poetry
Haqqani Foundation
Haqqani = Foundation homepage =
Link to newsgroup
International Association of Sufism
International Association of Sufism=
Sufi Traditions
Sufi = Traditions
Tabala Wolof: Sufi Drumming of Senegal (information about a recording)
Sufi Drumming of Senegal

Resources on "related topics" contributed to this list:


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