The parents and bridal party met at The Governor Hotel's Renaissance Room for the rehearsal at 5 p.m. on Friday, August 31, 2001. It took a little while -- and a little conversation -- to figure out exactly what we needed to do.


rehearsal1.small.jpg (56567 bytes)

From the left, the recognizable people are Aviva's father, Sid Brandt (looking at the camera); groomsman Ryan Medlen; the groom (ponytail); Aviva's mother, Cookie Brandt; bridesmaid Cathy Cameron; catering manager/wedding consultant Dorcas Popp; the bride (hands on her back); bridesmaid and Aviva's sister, Sharon Weiner. (The pink tennis shoes to Sharon's right are the invisible bridesmaid Becca Weiner, Aviva's niece. The white tennis shoes to her right are bridesmaid Laura Murphy.)

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Dorcas, right, explains to the moms how their roles as official witnesses will work.

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We all managed to find our places at the rehearsal ... and did fine on the big day too!


After the rehearsal, we headed to the Old Market Pub and Brewery for a pizza buffet.

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Scott enjoys some pizza with the Knierim clan. From left, Jeffrey, Christy, Scott, Debbie, Dan and Cassie. In the foreground are the gifts for the wedding party.


rdinner2.small.jpg (39600 bytes)

From left, Vivian Solganik; Dora Solganik; the bride-to-be; Aviva's father, Sid Brandt; and Aviva's mother, Cookie Brandt. (41596 bytes)

The parents: (from left) Sid Brandt, Cookie Brandt, Mel Foster, Marlys Foster


rdinner4.jpg (21197 bytes)

Cool room, eh?

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