Our Day at Sea

We spent much of Wednesday, Nov. 14, aboard a ScunaSol boat on a daytour, which was a gift from our hotel.

cruise1.jpg (21831 bytes)

Scott checks out the view. I think this was while we were stopped near where the dolphins frolicked. Unfortunately, although we took many photos, the dolphins are just tiny gray specks on the water so there wasn't any point in putting them up here.


cruise2.jpg (21101 bytes)

The view was lovely as we cruised along.

cruise3.jpg (26744 bytes)

After lunch, we persuaded a crewmember to snap a photo of us on the pier, next to the boat.

cruise4.jpg (38761 bytes)

We then headed to an old fort, which was interesting even though we couldn't understand much of what the tour guide said. Here, we're stopped right near the "Tunnel of Death." That's the tour guide perched on top of the rocks.

cruise5.jpg (30725 bytes)

After watching Scott take a photo of me near the cannon, a man from our boat offered via sign language to snap a photo of the two of us together.

cruise6.jpg (35790 bytes)

All too soon, the cruise was over and it was time to head back to the hotel and our beach.