2002 corporate folder insert: Consumer Audio




Dolby Laboratories and Consumer Audio:

A Difference You Can Hear


At home, in the car or on the move, Dolby Laboratories’ consumer technologies are making a difference consumers can hear. Dolby’s consumer technologies bring the company’s pioneering audio breakthroughs to the consumer arena, setting industry standards and enhancing the entertainment experience for home theaters, video games, personal computers, cars, headphones and more.


Surround Sound Comes Home

Initially developed for the cinema, Dolby Surround sound has become the foundation for state-of-the-art home theater systems, giving consumers the same quality they’re accustomed to at movie theaters in the comfort of their own homes.

Tens of millions of homes worldwide enjoy Dolby Surround sound via advanced Dolby Pro Logic decoding technology. Dolby Surround Pro Logic decoders handle five channels, using the advanced steering circuitry that Dolby originally developed for playback in the theater. Consumers can enjoy Dolby Surround not only on films with Dolby encoded soundtracks but also on a wide range of television broadcasting, including regular series, specials and sports events.


Dolby Digital Enhances the Home Sound Solution

Dolby Digital provides another boost to the home theater arena. Unlike analog Dolby Surround, with its single band-limited surround channel, Dolby Digital features two completely independent surround channels. By combining high audio quality and thrilling surround sound capabilities, Dolby Digital gives consumers the same sense of depth, intensity and realism they get at the cinema. That’s why the Dolby Digital audio format has been adopted throughout the world for use on:


Digital Music

Dolby’s pioneering multichannel audio technologies, licensed to vendors such as X, Y and Z, provide outstanding sound quality for for music reproduction. Carrying up to six channels of ultra-high-resolution surround sound, CD-sized DVD-Audio discs using MLP Lossless packing may bring about as big a change in the way consumers listen to music as Dolby Surround did for experiencing movies at home. Dolby Pro Logic II makes conventional stereo music play beautifully in a multichannel world.


Dolby Headphone

No matter the external environment – whether jogging, on an airplane, riding the bus or sitting on the beach – consumers can enjoy Dolby quality via Dolby Headphone, a powerful digital signal processing technology that works with any set of headphones and produces the illusion of multiple high quality acoustic speakers.

Dolby Headphone works with any stereo program source, from CDs to MP3 files, and with any multichannel program source. It’s available on a variety of products, including PCs, DVD players, MP3 players, game consoles, portable stereos and multimedia speaker systems.


Dolby Surround in Motion

Listening to music has long been a favorite way to pass the time on a long car trip or a daily commute. Now, Dolby Pro Logic II decoding technology can bring the perfect surround sound system to any car, wrapping the listener in five channels of surround sound while on the go.

Many car systems also offer video entertainment for passengers, from movies on DVD to video games, and the combination of clear pictures and full Dolby Digital surround sound turns the car into a theater-on-wheels.


Shaping the Future of Sound

As the Internet, digital radio and home networks continue to evolve, Dolby Laboratories is at the forefront of new opportunities for innovative sound applications. For example:

What Dolby Laboratories started as an analog noise reduction process for tape recorders in the 1960s has evolved into a broad variety of technologies that raise the bar for sound excellence, whether the venue is home theaters or in-car entertainment systems. As technology continues to evolve, Dolby Laboratories is committed to remaining on the forefront, developing and licensing technologies that give consumers the best possible digital sound from the widest variety of program sources.

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