We took an amazing number of formals before the ceremony. Here are a few family and wedding party shots shots.


formal3 (bridal party).jpg (43596 bytes)

The wedding party (from left): Becca Weiner, Sharon Weiner, Laura Murphy, Cathy Cameron, Aviva, Scott, Dan Knierim, Ray McCormick & Ryan Medlen.


formal4 (foster family).jpg (42831 bytes)

The Foster family (from left): Jeff & Barb Foster, Bob & Denise Anthis, Aviva & Scott, Marlys & Mel Foster, Susan & Fred Frahm

formal5 (groom & parents).jpg (41280 bytes)

Scott & his parents, Marlys & Mel Foster


formal7 (brandt family).jpg (40077 bytes)

The Brandt family (from left): Harris Weiner, Jake Weiner, Becca Weiner, Sharon Weiner, Aviva & Scott, Arlene Brandt, Sid Brandt, & Mitchell Brandt.


formal2 (brandt siblings).jpg (43657 bytes)

The Brandt siblings (from left): Eldest Sharon Weiner, the bride and baby of the family, and Mitchell Brandt


formal1 (aviva_sharon_becca).jpg (45454 bytes)

Aviva with her niece, Becca Weiner (almost 13), and sister Sharon Weiner (Becca's mom), both of whom were bridesmaids.


formal6 (b&g balcony).jpg (36239 bytes)

Scott & Aviva, posing on the balcony overlooking The Governor Hotel's lobby.



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