Jardin Botanico


We spent about three hours at Rio's botanical garden, which was gorgeous and huge. There were lots of different sections, including an orchid house (which made Scott very happy!), a Japanese garden and an Amazon garden.


jardin1.jpg (70591 bytes)

Scott stands in the center of the Orchid House, surrounded by his favorite kind of plant.


jardin2.jpg (51716 bytes)

Scott sniffs one of the dozens of orchids in the orchid house.


jardin3.jpg (50985 bytes)

I have no idea what kind of plant this was. Scott found the flower reminiscent of Yoda's ears. I thought it looked like something I wouldn't mention in mixed company. VERY weird looking!

jardin4.jpg (46913 bytes)

Just a nice view, with the tall, tall trees lining the pathway to the gate.


 jardin6.jpg (42597 bytes)

One of many fountains in the garden. Oh, and yes, that's me standing in front of it!


jardin5.jpg (89317 bytes)

Just a lovely view within the garden. I don't remember which section we were in at the time.