Mitch & Katia open their wedding gifts



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We brought the gifts in a pilot's case as a carry-on, which turned out to be a good thing since our luggage didn't make the trip as quickly as we did. Here, Katia & Mitch are just starting to open the suitcase. On the wall behind them is a beautiful painting by Katia's sister, Claudia.


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They find the clock packed inside the quilt. Note that you can already tell who's more interested in what! We definitely had a gender split on the gifts, both in makers and the recipients' preferences!

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Mitch and Katia hold the quilt open. The pattern is Trip Around the World. It's machine stitched and then tied in some squares. The borders are "stitched-in-the-ditch." The clock is made from black walnut and maple. We added a small plaque with their names and wedding date so they'll always remember the occasion.

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Katia shows the clock to her uncle.