Sugar Loaf Mountain

aka Po de Acar


We took cable cars up Sugar Loaf Mountain, which overlooks Rio. There's a stop partway up, and then you take a second cable car to the top. We went in the late afternoon one day, and it got pretty cool while we up there when the wind picked up.


sugar1.jpg (26617 bytes)

Some very nice American tourists who also had gone to Brazil for a wedding took our photo from the top viewing deck of Sugar Loaf.


sugar2.jpg (24296 bytes)

Scott looks out at the view. Unfortunately, the low clouds stuck around for our four days in Rio.

sugar3.jpg (33001 bytes)

Only Scott could manage an artsy photo with a disposable! Note the mermaid statue hidden in the shrubbery on the side of Sugar Loaf.

sugar4.jpg (25893 bytes)

We think the mountain with its top hidden by the clouds is Corcavado, which is topped by the 300-foot-tall Christ statue (see postcard below). We never bothered taking the train up Corcavado because the locals said the clouds would block the views.


sugar5.jpg (33271 bytes)

If only the skies had been so clear during our visit!!