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The fathers kicked off the toasts. Aviva's father, Sid Brandt (right) went first, followed by Scott's father, Mel Foster

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Aviva's sister, Sharon Weiner, brought chuckles from everyone as her children, Becca &  Jake, hold the Viva and Scott papertowels she found at a local grocery store. Sharon said she didn't need evidence that Scott & Aviva were made for each other, but seeing the papertowels next to each other on the shelf showed that everyone -- even marketing powers-that-be -- knew it.

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Aviva's brother, Mitch Brandt, had to get his chance to tease the bride in. As he stood up to make his toast, he gleefully commented on the look of "terror" on the bride's face. You just never know what an older brother will say!


toast5 (Cathy).jpg (33397 bytes)

Aviva's college roommate (and bridesmaid) Cathy Cameron continued the theme about the joys of "Living With Aviva," something that many of the toasts joshed about.


toast7 (Laura Rehrmann).jpg (31010 bytes)

Laura Rehrmann, one of Aviva's two former AP-West Virginia co-workers who made the trip for the wedding, gave a lovely toast. (34591 bytes)

Dan Knierim, Scott's "adopted" Dad, toasts the bride & groom

toast8 (vivian).jpg (31771 bytes)

Vivian Solganik, a cousin of Aviva's from Cleveland, Ohio, made the trip with her 96-year-old mother, Dora, so they could represent Aviva's extended family at the wedding.


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