Born Toronto, Canada / November 28, 1956
Mailing Address:Portland,Oregon, 97214-2821 USA


	* currently: Prepress Specialist. Wired Magazine, San Francisco,
California. Agfa SelectScanPlus, PowerPC workstation, Kodak Digital
Approval Proofing. (Introduced and produce in-house high-end color
separations. Other design/production procedures.)
	* 1993-94: Visiting Professor. University of Victoria, Victoria,
British Columbia. (Initiated and taught the first course in Art &
Technology at the University: _Arts in the Age of Digital Dissemination._
Instruction on Unix SunSparc station-networks, Macintosh and PC platforms;
photo-manipulation, page layout, paint and music programs, and other
software. Concentration on Internet and other networks; their
implications. Discussions in contemporary culture and technology.)
	* 1992-93: Electronic Imaging Specialist. Daniel`s Printing,
Everett, Massachusetts. (Operated Hell Chromacom, Scitex Prismax, Desktop, and Gateway
systems for high-quality color-separation and printing company. Dolev and
Selectset output devices.)
	* 1992: Systems Operator. ColorPrep, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
(Operated R-based Hell Chromacom pagination and
color retouch station. Desktop interface with high-end system.)
	* 1991-92: Computer Imaging Specialist. Graphic Color, Portland,
Oregon. (Introduced and operated Agfa Catalyst/Pix (Sun/Unix)
workstations, 2.0 beta site. Operated Selectset output devices, Crosfield
scanners, Macintosh and PC programs/interface for high-end merged color
	* 1990-91: System Manager/Operator. Toucan Scan, Portland, Oregon. 
(Introduced, managed and operated high-end Hell Chromacom 2000-M pagination and retouch system. Integrated
Scriptmaster desktop interface.  3000 Series scanner and recorder
	* 1989-90: Acting Production Manager. Chinook Observer, < A
HREF="http://www.teleport.com/~bbrace/long_beach.html">Long Beach,
Washington. (Implemented desktop system, typeset display ads and editorial
copy, organized work flow, improved design of paper.)
	* 1988-89: Typesetter (Macintosh and Compugraphic), Mark-up,
Assembly, Proof-checking. Metroland (TorStar) Ltd., Scarborough, Ontario.
(Scarborough Mirror and Markham Economist & Sun newspapers, flyers, other
tabloids, job work)
	* 1984-88:  Proof-checking, Assembly, Mark-up, Stripping, Scanning. 
Maclean-Hunter Ltd., Toronto, Ontario. (Dozens of trade and consumer
	* 1979-84: Teaching Assistant (for graphic arts, photography, video,
drawing and painting courses), Audio-Visual Assistant, College Press
Assistant. Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
	* 1976-82: (part-time/occasional) Board of Directors, Publication
Design/Assembly, Curatorial Staff, Funding Juries. University of Guelph
Gallery, Eye Level Gallery (Halifax), Centre for Art Tapes (Halifax),
Atlantic Centre for Photography (Halifax), Canada Council (Ottawa). 
	* 1974-76: Founding Member. Ed Video Inc., Guelph, Ontario. (Taught
every imaginable segment of society the creative use of small format
television, editing, programming for cable T.V.)

* Advanced Imaging Techniques, Center for Creative Imaging, (Camden, ME)
* Agfa Pix, Catalyst, Selectset training, (Portland, OR) 1992. 
* Hell Chromacom 2000 instruction, (Melville, NY); Scriptmaster instruction,
(St. Louis, MO) 1990-91. 
* Macintosh (& PC) Desktop Publishing Courses. Protomedia, Press-Work and 
Public Access, (Toronto, Halifax). 1985-89. 
* Nexus Press Residency, (Atlanta, GA) 1988. 
* Graduate Studies (MFA) (graphic arts, fine arts, photography, theory), 
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, (Halifax, Nova 
1979-82. * Ontario College of Art & Design, (Toronto, Ontario) 1977. 
* St. Michael`s Printshop, (Burnt Cove, Newfoundland) 1976. 
* Hons. B.A. Fine Arts, University of Guelph, (Ontario) 1973-76. 
* University of Western Ontario, (London) 1972-73.

SPECIAL INTERESTS: * Desktop and Electronic Publishing * Graphic Arts
(self-published works) * Fine Arts (exhibitions) * Typography *
Photography * Painting * Writing * Gallery Curating * Film * Offset and
Letterpress Printing * Sailing * The Internet * Travel * Perl * Teaching