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  2. comm1
  3. [All About GIF89a]
  4. Jeff Kepler's Bookmarks
  5. Index of /~then/docs
  7. The Land - The Dougie MacLean Homepage
  8. News of the Weird
  9. Dead People Server
  10. Odds & Ends
  11. Signal Processing URL Library (SPLIB)
  12. Jean Yves' World of Wonders - TUSF Home Page
  13. Visually Impaired Products
  14. Andrew Errington's PIC Project Page
  15. Eric Smith's PIC Projects
  16. Microsoft Investor: Quote Lookup
  17. Warner Brothers Animation Database
  18. Dogbyte's Website (MIDI)
  19. Direct Marketing Source Home Page
  20. Welcome to Jack Schmidling ASTROPHOTOS
  21. Alternative / Hard Rock MIDI Files
  22. Down East Microwave Inc.
  23. Software for PIC
  24. Martindale's 'The Reference Desk: Calculators On-Line'
  25. Evisance WWW hacking/phreaking history
  26. Link Communications Inc. (ACC)
  27. Telnet Applications for Windows 3.x
  28. Midi,midi,music,sound,midipage.
  29. Richard R. Colwell's - WA3QKX Home Page
  30. Puget Sound Scanner Frequencies
  31. Yukon Amateur Radio Association
  32. White Rock Amateur Radio Club
  33. Canadian Amateur Radio WWW Sites
  34. Welcome To the Amateur Radio Web Server
  35. Canadian Space Related Organizations
  36. NASA Shuttle Web: STS-82 Shuttle on ORBIT Sighting Opportunities
  38. Astronomy & Astrophysics ERICJ
  39. FLORIDA TODAY Space Online's Space Today
  40. NASA TV
  41. Vinyl Vendors
  42. Robert's Satellite WWW Page: Links to Satellite/Electronic Hobby resources
  43. West Marine ELECTRIC advisor page
  44. Index of /ftp-home/pub/aminet/misc
  46. Holophase PCB CAD Software
  47. Satellite Times: Home Page
  49. SATCO DX Satellite Chart: ITU Region 2
  50. /pub/satellite/TELE-satellit directory
  52. DIR Satellite Programming Service Home Page
  54. Midi Area
  55. /pub/user/rstevew ELECTRONICS directory
  56. Instrument Jokes
  57. Tom WA9ZSK's WEB SITE
  58. Primitive Midi Software
  59. VANCOUVER ELECTRONICS ... ham radio/marine radio/antique radio
  60. The Talk Network (FNL satellite)
  61. BJ's Home Page (satellite and Ham radio)
  62. The Homepage for Chemists
  63. Mueller Communications (satellite euro digital)
  64. HwB: PCI Connector pinnout
  65. Synth 'n sample stuff
  66. Chubbys U.K. Radio Information Location (+midi)
  67. Viper's C/C++ Web Page
  68. Chemical Structures of Chemical Warfare Agents
  69. Andrew's homepage ELECTRONICS
  70. Horizon Technology
  71. SSSound - 3 Sound Localization
  72. Dave's online hamfest... (hockaday)
  73. Asia Magnetic Components Design & Manufacturing Center
  74. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Electrical Engineering
  75. C Programming (Steve Summit) page
  76. SATCO DX Satellite Chart
  77. MPJ's North American Strong Cryptographic Software Archive
  78. Holy Bible, Christianity, Cryptography, etc. links
  79. Kiwa Electronics (Craig Seigenthaler)
  80. - Free Usenet/Newsgroup Access
  81. SEDS Internet Headquarters (Astronomy) U of Arizona
  82. DES Challenge Coordinated Effort (crypt)
  83. Carl Ellison's home page (crypto) & etc.)
  84. Mackie Designs | Glossary
  85. Amateur Radio Supply + W7SRZ manual
  86. KC7TLU
  87. Link Communications Inc. (ACC & repeater controllers etc.)
  88. Blacklist of Internet Advertisers (spam)
  89. IMA: The Best Minds in Multimedia
  90. Numerical Recipes Books On-Line (pdf or ps format)
  91. K7ON Radio Modification Index
  92. Spectral Inc. Home Page (Digital Audio Recorders)
  93. Solar Terrestrial Dispatch Homepage (also try solar/www/
  94. /pub/solar/Docs directory
  95. Amateur Radio Newsline Archive - 1997 Index
  96. Environmental News (energy too)
  97. QuickField support site (mag program)
  98. Professor Pulfrich's Universe (3D Exhibit)
  100. HFML, Levitation (diamagnetic)
  101. Stable Magnetic Field Gradient Levitation of Xenopus laevis: Towards Low Gravity Simulation
  102. 96-126 (Levitation) (diamagnetic)
  103. Alison Chaiken's Web Page (magnetics. etc.)
  104. American Satellite Technology -On Line Catalog
  105. Rolf Claessen's Chemistry Index
  106. QuestLink Technology: Home (Electronics IC search)
  107. Don's web site - Electronics and lighting
  108. Micros are obsolete page
  109. Electronic Arts
  110. Aaron's Home Page (amateur radio and antenna designs)
  111. COLER CONVERTER, flying-saucer, blueprints, free-energy, Overunity.
  112. Index of /auth-tutorial/ (web passwords)
  113. 4DTV 4DTV 4DTV 4DTV 4DTV 4DTV 4DTV 4DTV 4DTV 4DTV 4DTV 4DTV General Instrument 4DTV Receiver
  114. Midi,midi,music,sound,midipage.
  115. Pulp's World of Satellite Hack Links
  116. HealthAnswers: Homepage
  117. 32-bit Shareware Collection
  118. The WinSite(tm) Archive
  119. more midi music
  120. W7SRZ Repeater System
  121. Western Washington DX Club
  122. OH2BUA WebCluster (packet)
  123. Signal Processing URL Library (SPLIB)
  124. DSP Internet Resources
  125. KN6DV mobile (archive)
  126. Laura's MIDI Heaven! (big)
  127. PC Magazine's InternetUser - Internet Toolkit (Junk E-Mail)
  128. Lyn Kennedy's WebPage (scanners and trunking)
  129. WEBRAD (medical imaging stuff)
  130. Ewan Macpherson: HDRL (dsp and hearing research guy)
  131. The Thistle & Shamrock (need netscape I think)
  133. astro!nfo-Homepage (darksky---switzerland)
  134. Music Resources on the Internet
  135. Mountaineers Home (hiking etc.)
  136. Astronomy pic of the week (some guy)
  137. Current Issue of eFOCUS (Kalamazoo Astronomical Society)
  138. Other links (.kr)
  139. The laws list (.kr)
  140. Riverdance - Interviews - Michael O'Gorman
  141. Mix Online: Contents (Mix Magazine articles)
  142. AC6V's Guide To Ham Radio Nets
  143. Digital Domain - CD Mastering, Replication, Digital ( lots of articles)
  144. AltaVista Search: Main Page
  145. Bible Search (KJV)
  146. Religious Resources (bible and bible search)
  147. 4Dtv Home Page
  148. Tommy's pinout collection (computer)
  149. ASTRONET (astronomy and links)
  150. Midi songs and links
  151. The Saginaw Test Pattern Museum
  152. HARRY's HOMEBREW HOMEPAGE (amateur radio)
  153. Seismology and Earthquake Information (UofW)
  154. Oregon, United States, Frequency Lists
  156. Graychip (digital communications chips?)
  157. Today@NASA
  158. Dustin Moore's Comet Pictures
  159. LLOYD I/O (Frank, WB7DZG, Portland,OR EVGRN INTIE--Oregon ATV)
  160. Chris' Page (Ausi songwriter)
  161. Trent A. Fisher (+ some lyrics & Phil Ochs) and more
  162. Router Solutions, Inc. - Translator & Interface Tools for CAE/CAD/CAM - Home Page
  163. Mathilde Images (asteroid)
  164. Mars Pathfinder Mission (NASA)
  165. Asia Magnetic Components Design & Manufacturing Center
  166. Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery (SEARCH)
  167. The Mars Microrover Radio (NASA)
  168. Microsoft Technical Support Knowledge Base (dos windws etc.)
  169. Mars Pathfinder - Welcome to Mars! (SGI)
  170. Web Server Statistics for Eskimo North
  171. ChemTeam: Main Menu (ca high school chem class)
  172. SWAPAGE PAGE (KO6OY hamradio)
  173. KB9JJA Ham Radio Links
  174. Shuttle Audio Frequencies (amsat)
  175. hacking and 2600 and warez site
  176. BYU Electromagnetics Home Page
  177. Cakewalk 5
  178. Amateur Radio - Radio Club of Tacoma W7DK (+ wwara link)
  179. Report of the SMPTE Task Force on Digital Image Architecture
  180. Image Communication Information Board (ICIB) (+ smpte etc.)
  181. Bookmark file (midi + warez etc)
  182. GORP - Olympic National Forest - Introduction
  183. Welcome to Ontario Parks
  184. The OUTSIDER, Online Magazine (wilderness adventure)
  185. Canadian Alpine Expeditions Ltd.
  186. Northwest Boaters Net (amateur radio + wwara link)
  187. acrchive (+ rar) utilities
  188. ADSP DSP stuff
  189. TV listings satellite guide / schedule / television grid for cable and satellite ( Directv USSB EchoStar Dish Network Primestar C-Band) + DSS + DBS
  190. warez with sound forge 4.0
  191. warez (again) with sound forge 4.0
  192. AOL NetFind (search)
  193. High Speed Packet Radio
  194. Electronic Schematics
  195. electronics and computers (doug jones) and stepper circuits & code
  196. Omega Radio Network (W1-6/5.8MHz)
  197. Microstrip Calculator in JavaScript
  198. Cortland Electronics (system up at john hay)
  199. Meldrum TV test paterns and nostalgia
  200. Technology news pretty much looks like.
  201. Michael Hartkopf's Microphone Homepage
  202. The Error Correcting Codes (ECC) Home Page (.jp)
  203. Keith's MIR Page (k5wx)
  204. Dan's electronic parts (
  205. Galileo Home Page (JPL)
  206. Balkon-Astronomie(astronomy pictures)
  207. lentz astrophotography
  208. Acoustic Music for the Body & Mind and other Eccentricities (W6IQ)
  209. C. F. Martin and Company (guitars)
  210. Seattle Folklore Society
  211. W4RNL Hamradio stuff and antenna modeling
  212. WE7U's Home Page (eskimo)
  213. GraphiCode Company Products GC-prevue for windows95/NT
  214. MOTION Magazine (electronic)
  215. GPS Signal Specifications (
  216. Kalmus (RF amplifiers)
  217. Transformer and power FAQ
  218. PC Hardware information (UK)
  219. SATCO DX Satellite Chart
  220. Earth and Moon Viewer (satellite views)
  221. Home Maintenance and Repair (lots of good info)
  222. HHMI Biomedical Research (search available)
  223. List of compounds (spectrum laboratories chemical fact sheet)
  224. Lassen Technologies: Help yourself to MIDI (hymns)
  225. The Complete MIDI File Directory
  226. Jon's Home: Eskimo Spam Filters: Documentation (raquele)
  227. Lamonica Media, LLC. (G4/10 talk show)
  228. Welcome to VR2XKP Home Page (ham stuff and downloadables too)
  229. HARRY's HOMEBREW HOMEPAGE (ham radio sm0vpo)
  230. The Annenberg/CPB Projects Learner Online (the mechanical universe)
  231. David Goodstein's Home Page (physics at caltech)
  232. King County Library System Home Page (Text version)
  233. KB8UYZ Amateur Radio!
  234. Welcome to WhoWhere?
  235. ftp --- directory (faq's)
  236. Home Recording - Welcome from The Mining Company
  237. mpeg 3 info + downloadable software (germany)
  238. schematics, microchip stuff, programmer (UK company)
  239. Gadget Labs Product Information (PCI AES/EBU cards)
  240. Press Release GC-PREVUE
  241. The SEA-DATAMARINE Home Page (radio manufacturer seattle)
  242. Roads and Weather including DOT traffic flow
  243. Motorola semiconductor Literature Search
  244. Scientific Web - Comparison of mathematical programs for data analysis
  245. MONDO WAREZ cool edit crack
  246. ASK DR. SCHUND (speed sleeping)
  247. Steve in .NZ electronics page and manufacturer web listing
  248. Welcome To Pigflop's Home Page!!! (midi piano files from news group)
  249. Power Integrations - (power supply chips and pdf application files)
  250. Aucocad symbol libraries and software
  251. DEAL-Digital Evolution Audio Labs (Chuck Straus)
  252. Electronics info page (
  253. WinGate by Qbik New Zealand (firewall software for tcp/ip)
  254. The E^ikr/r page (electromagnetic wave pix)
  255. Dave Gustafsons' Home Page (satellite and software) Seattle
  256. 56K.COM 56K Modem Home Page: K56flex and x2
  257. The NIST Time and Frequency Division Home Page (WWV)
  258. Trunked Radio Information (includes eastside talk groups)
  259. Lamonica Media, LLC. (tvro show)
  260. Quinton Instruments Home Page
  261. IANA-Domain names, country codes info, etc.
  262. Welcome to the Official WWARA Web Site
  263. Index of /pub/rcw/
  264. WA St RCW Text Search
  265. External scanner devices (mdt, paging, links to software etc.)
  266. Lodestone Pacific Mag Inc., Fair-Rite, Micrometals, Magnetics inc.
  267. Magnetics Inc. home page
  268. Index of /bigblue/ (some of the medline database looks like)
  269. Northwest Broadcasters Home Page
  270. a BIG ftp site of electronics and radio hobby files & programs
  271. ELKEL: Fran‡ais YAESU FT-50R
  272. Wahington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Home page
  273. The Seattle Times Newspaper including classified ads
  274. NorthWest High Tech Jobs (NWHTJOBS) Employment Security Department