6100 Twins

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Posted by Steve Boudreaux ( on March 04, 2001 at 10:51:07:

I just bought a Tapco 6100RB and 6100EA, twinned together by a 6" cable. I may have paid a bit too much for them, but that's life. Anybody have an opinion on what would be a fair price? They came packed in a mixer-board anvil case.
This site sorta has a cult feel to it- I like that.
The units work well, for the most part, with the following problems:

Reverb inoperative- I took the tank out and tested it on a Crate KX-80
amp- tank provides reverb, but as I increase 'verb I also get more and
more distortion that has a hissing sound. The Crate's smaller reverb
tank did not provide me with reverb when I wired it place of the
6100's. This tells me that the lack of reverb is not caused by the
tank, but perhaps the tank needs to be replaced anyway?

All functions on all channels on the main unit (6100RB) work fine.

On the slaved unit (EA) channel 5 produces a hiss that increases as gain
is turned up, with mike plugged in or not. (I am using a XLR plug
equipped mike), channel 5 monitor works fine. Also channel 6 gives me
no output from gain, but again monitor on channel 6 works fine.

I know no one can diagnose these problems completely over the net, but if
you have any suggestions, please do tell. Failing that, do you think it
is worth shipping the units out of town (from Atlanta, GA) for repair, or
should I bring them to a local repair shop? Any repair estimates?

This setup is a bit bulky for my uses- I would be open to trading it for something a
more compact.



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