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Suppressed research that could change our lives
by Richard Milton
Fourth Estate Ltd, London, 1995
(Also published in the US as "ALTERNATIVE SCIENCE")

An intelligent, in-depth look at the psychology which creates Scientific
Censorship and 'taboo' fields of research and invention.  This book is a
treasure-trove of historical and contemporary examples; it covers the
Wright Brothers, Cold Fusion, parapsychology, Velikovski, N-rays, and
touches on many, many others.  Something in modern science needs serious
repair, and Milton points out the source of the malfunction in no
uncertain terms.  It's referenced throughout, so one may look up the
original evidence.  Large bibliography too.  See: 

SEVEN EXPERIMENTS THAT COULD CHANGE THE WORLD, A do-it yourself guide to revolutionary science by Rupert Sheldrake Riverhead Books, NY 1995 Why not *continuously measure* some physical constants, rather than assuming they are constant? What if scientists' expectations have applied a serious bias to basic physics experiments? Are amputee's "phantom limbs" real? ... This book is excellent, with disturbing reevaluation of the fundamental assumptions behind modern science, and a hard clear look at both the myths of mainstream science and at the way science is REALLY done. ___________________________________________________________________ MIND MACHINES YOU CAN BUILD by G. Harry Stine 1992 Top of the Mountain Publishing Co. P.O. Box 2244 Pinelas Park FL 34665-2244 813-530-0110, fax 813-536-3681 Paperback, $13.95 and cheap at twice the price because of the fun you'll have with the experiments therein. Psychotronic gizmos, PK tester, "wishing" machine, Hieronymous machine, pyramids and pendula. ___________________________________________________________________ THE SOURCEBOOK PROJECT Compiled by WR Corliss, this 15-volume set comprises a catalog of anomalies gleaned from major science journals. A must-have item for serious students of the Unknown. Online ordering: Sourcebook Project P.O. Box 107 Glen Arm, MD 21057 USA Tel: +1 (410) 668 6047. ___________________________________________________________________ SCIENCE FRONTIERS Also compiled by WR Corliss, this is a large set of his continuing SCIENCE FRONTIERS newsletter. It's the distilled 'cream' of anomaly findings from the current scientific literature. Real weirdness from every field you can imagine, plus numerous eyewitness accounts of unexplained natural phenomena. Definitely pick up a copy of this 'sampler', especially if you are considering aquisition of Corliss' whole SOURCEBOOK set. See the online collection of 'Frontiers' backissues at Sourcebook Project P.O. Box 107 Glen Arm, MD 21057 USA Tel: +1 (410) 668 6047. ___________________________________________________________________ THE BIOSPHERE BELOW Heretical biology, bacteria from deep drillcores ___________________________________________________________________ The Genesis and Development of a Scientific Fact Ludwick Fleck ___________________________________________________________________ THE MANUAL OF FREE ENERGY DEVICES AND SYSTEMS, VOL II, by D.A.Kelly An excellent overview and history of "Free" Energy: (avail. from T.B.C., I.T.S., etc. see below for catalogs) ___________________________________________________________________ SCIENTIFIC LITERACY AND THE MYTH OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD by Henry H. Bauer, (c)1994 U. of Illinois Press ISBN 0-252-06436-4 Think something's wrong with conventional science? Then read this! Hits the bullseye on the public's (and scientists'!) beliefs in myths regarding researchers and Science. ___________________________________________________________________ BALL LIGHTNING AND BEAD LIGHTNING Extreme Forms of Atmospheric Electricity by James D. Barry, 1980 Plenum Press, New York BL from the perspective of a research professional. Touches on various theories, then concentrates on known physical aspects and experimental production of BL. Great for serious research, contains a huge bibliography. ___________________________________________________________________ Science of Ball Lightning 1988 Waseda Univ. Y.H.Ohtsuki, ed. International Symposium on Ball Lightning Pub: World Scientific, 1989, Teaneck, NJ A collection of papers from a recent symposium. I was particularly fascinated by the large number of videotapes of BL made by the public in Japan, where camcorders are apparently more common than in the UA. ___________________________________________________________________ MAILORDER INFO BROCHURES FROM REX RESEARCH Rex Research, PO Pox 19250, Jean, NV 89019 Write and order the free "Infolios" catalog COLER/STROMZEUGER C5-COL Coler Device, Ancestor of MRA, built by captured German scientist after WWII HENDERSHOT GENERATOR H4-HEN Self-acting coils/capacitors device KINCHELOE N-MACHINE TEST REPORT K11-KIN An E.E. Professor tests DePalma's device, DOES find anomoly RADIONICS ????? ___________________________________________________________________ ENGINEERING NON-CONVENTIONAL ENERGY SYSTEMS, by George Hathaway Rex Research, PO Pox 19250, Jean, NV 89019 ___________________________________________________________________ SUPRESSED AND INCREDIBLE INVENTIONS, John Freeman Fry's Inc. Inq. ___________________________________________________________________ SOME FREE ENERGY DEVICES, J. Resines BSRF, PO Box 220, Bayside, California 95524-0220 ___________________________________________________________________ THE LIVING WATER, Olof Alexandersson Carrying on the spiral fluid flow and "implosion" effects discovered by VIKTOR SHAUBERGER. *************************************************************** CATALOGS OF PUBLICATIONS A must-have! I.T.S Publishers of EXTRODINARY SCIENCE, International Tesla Society Catalog of many books/videos avail. PO Box 5636 Get their 1996 RESOURCE GUIDE ! ! Colorado Springs, CO 80931 719-475-0918 Email them for more info Rex Research Large number of photocopied info packets PO Pox 19250 available. Get this catalog, it has Jean, NV 89019 scads of refs to bygone devices. Lindsay Publications Inc. Catalog is an amazing collection of P.O. Box 538 reprinted books on "obsolete" tech, Bradley, IL 60915-0538 1800's electrics, Tesla, early radio, fireworks, embalming, casting, steam engines.. BSRF, Borderland Sciences Research Foundation Post Office Box 220 BORDERLANDS catalog Bayside, California 95524-0220 Borderlands Catalog BSRF file archive Tesla Book Company Large collection of Tesla books and tapes 1-800-398-5620
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