JudgeWords - The Subjective Word Game With A Twist

I Invented A Word Game!!

It's called


The Subjective Word Game
(With A Special Twist)

JudgeWords is a very simple pencil and paper word game. It isn't played on your computer. Your computer helps get each round of JudgeWords started, though.

For the sake of convenience and simplicity, and out of concern for the environment, I decided to package JudgeWords as a set of computer files rather than make a boxed game with a lot of paper, plastic, cardboard, and other disposable materials.

The object of the game is to score points for your list of 10 JudgeWords

To Play: Make a list of 10 words all the same length, and all starting with the same letter

I can hear you now. You are wondering how you choose the starting letter, and how you decide how many letters long each of your JudgeWords will be. We'll get to that in just a bit.

Your set of game files comes with everything you will need to play JudgeWords.

The rules (along with instructions and tips for the judging round of the game) are in a text file that can be read with most word processing programs. The form for the combination word list and scoresheet is in a spreadsheet file that you print out on your computer. The coolest game file is the random generator that chooses the "starters" for each round of JudgeWords. The starters are the word length and beginning letter for a round of JudgeWords.

Try it out.

Click Here to see how your JudgeWords starters are chosen.

(You can click the "Play Again" link as many times as you want. Just click the "Back" button on your browser to get back here)

After the starters are chosen, players write their lists of 10 JudgeWords. How the rest of the game works - the judging and scoring part - is explained fully in the rules that come with your copy of JudgeWords.

You order JudgeWords by email direct from me, Bernie Zuccarelli.
Click here and send a message requesting a trial copy of JudgeWords. Within 24 hours, you will receive the game files and a license agreement governing your 5-day trial period. Yes, you get 5 days to decide whether or not to keep the game. JudgeWords is not shareware. If you want to keep the game files, you have to pay for them.

Now, don't get scared. JudgeWords costs just $15.00 to own.

If you want to keep your copy of JudgeWords, follow the payment instructions in the email that will come with the game files

If you decide not to keep the game, you must delete the files from your computer. You must also resist the temptation of passing the game along to anyone else for free.

By sending your order for the game files, you acknowledge that you have read this page, and that you agree that you will neither keep the JudgeWords game files without paying for them, nor pass the game files to anyone else for free.

OK...enough of the legal garbage. I want everyone who orders the game to have fun playing it. I'm sure that after just a couple of rounds of JudgeWords, you will see what everyone else who has ever played the game has seen. JudgeWords is fun, it's competitive - judging rounds have been known to get a little heated - and it can even be a little bit educational. Anyone of any age who can read and write can play JudgeWords, and the whole family can all play at the same time.

And of course, it makes a great gift for any word-junkie.

Order your copy of JudgeWords today!

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