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Goals 2000 - Enacted into law in 1994

The Goals 2000 "Educate America" bill, enacted in the 103rd Democrat controlled Congress in January 1994, announced lofty goals but, since passage, has increasingly been under fire. To better inform you about this lengthy bill, which alters America's traditional ideas about who is in control of schools, we are devoting considerable space to it.

In Title I: of the bill, its purpose is identified as improving learning and teaching by " providing a national framework for education reform; to promote the research, consensus building, and systemic changes needed to ensure equitable educational opportunities and high levels of educational achievement for all students; to provide a framework for reauthorization of all Federal education programs; to promote the development and adoption of a voluntary national system of skill standards and certifications; and for other purposes."

To achieve these lofty sounding goals, the Congress states that: "all children will have access to high-quality and developmentally appropriate preschool programs that help prepare children for school;