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From: Mad Max Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 1996 at 5:39am

Everyone who lives together without the benefit of sex should sue all companies and governments that have not given them special rights. All monks, nuns, family members, roommates, etc. In the second place, the only difference between the various living arrangements is that the gays have sex together. Giving benefits on the basis of a sex act is called prostitution. Since we would not give special rights to child molesters because they were born that way we should not give special rights to gays. No homosexual could prove in a court of law that he is a practicing homosexual (if you think he can then you have not thought carefully about the difference between monks who kiss and hug to show God's love and homosexuals who kiss and hug to show whatever. No matter what you can think of, short of sex, you can find hetero men somewhere in the world who do the same.) You can not base civil rights on freely chosen, consesual acts. We know that homosexual sex is a freely chosen, consensual act because if it is not, then it is rape.

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