Robert York, Steve Leicht, Mitch McGeary and Roy Morlen
"Click on Mitch's Butcher for a closeup"
[ Photo of us holding 4 butchers ] Four Sealed
Yesterday and Today
1st State Mono Butcher Covers

Owned by four Western Washington collectors all living within 20 miles from each other. This photo was taken September 6th 1997. The Butchers were acquired during a period of about 20 years, Steve's just acquired a few days ago and we thought it would be fun to take a group photo while holding these rare beauties. There are two other known copies in the Pacific Northwest within driving distance. Possibly a future photo of all 6 is forthcoming.

The two butchers on the left were pressed at the Scranton, Pennsylvania (#3) plant and the two on the right were pressed at the Los Angeles, California Plant (#6).

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