Welcome to my Beatles Buying and Selling page. If you're a collector of Beatles memorabilia, collectibles and records this is a good place to start. I've found many new links on the Internet that specialize in buying and selling Beatles stuff. This page will be updated often as I find more sites. If you have any sites that I haven't got listed please email me and I'll check them out and add them if they're good. On with the show.

Beatles Collectible sites:

 Ticket To Ryde. LTD. Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Beatles. has been buying, selling, and trading Beatles rarities for almost 25 years. Their site features "Songs, Pictures and Stories" of rare and unique Beatle items. Check out their for-sale list.
 [ Beatlelist ] Perry Cox. Co-Author of "The Official Price Guide To The Beatles Records & Memorabilia" and collector since 1981 has been dealing Beatles collectibles since 1981. He handles only the best quality and some of the rarest items on the market.
 [ Good Humour ] Good Humour. Dealer in the mostly rare UK releases but has many items from the U.S. and other countries. Good place to look for original Parlophone releases.
 [ 4000 Holes ] 4000 Holes. 4000 HOLES is a retail store specializing in the Beatles-Records, CDs, tapes, books, magazines, memorabilia- new and used. They also carry all other rock & roll artists - new and used. The sale items are from his personal collection as well as their store and they also carry all NEW release Beatle related items.
Rockaway Records Rockaway Records. Long time company specializing in high end Beatles and other rock collectibles. Includes rare records/Compact Discs/Posters/Memorabilia.
NoArtificalFlavor SongFacts is a searchable database of song information compiled by radio professionals, music enthusiasts, and visitors to this web site. We hope using this site will help you better understand and enjoy the songs you listen to, and invite you to share your knowledge with us so that others may benefit. We provide the album, year the song was released, highest U.S. and U.K. chart position, and "Songfacts" about each song. The "Songfacts" are interesting tidbits like what the song is about, who wrote it, and what makes it different. Songfacts is free.
Flat Black Records BeatleBay is an awesome site. Many high quality collectibles are featured there along with most everything a collector would be interested in.
{short description of image} "Very English and Rolling Stone" have been around a long time as a mail order collectibles company. Now, finally, they're on the net.
Here's their site. Lots of goodies, both Beatles and other music collectibles.
{short description of image} Gary Hein's Beatle site
Very high quality and expensive original Beatle records and memorabilia.

Online Auctions that have Beatles related items

eBay Auctions This is, by far, the best auction place on the net for Beatles items. Most of the time there are over 700 items to bid on within 7 days. Free registration too!
Discoveries Associated to Discoveries Collectors magazine, this is their online auction site. Also free registration!

Links to collecting supplies

Bill Cole Enterprises Full Line of protective materials for your CD's, magazines, 45rpm, Albums etc. 4 mil Mylar sleeves too!
Sleeve City Replacement sleeves and jewel boxes/cases for CDs/DVDs
BagsUnlimited Full Line of protective materials for your CD's, magazines, 45rpm, Albums etc. 4 mil Mylar sleeves too!

More Great Sites for the Collector

The below links are by no means of lesser quality than the above with buttons. They happen to be personal acquaintences or close friends of mine or people I deal with all of the time. Also in the interest of loading time I don't want to add more graphics than is necessary. This page will be rewritten in the near future as it is getting bigger than I first imagined it would be. When I started this page there wasn't another on the internet. Now everyone seems to have a collector's link page.

My stuff for sale Have a look at a few things I have for sale. Mostly duplicates as I'm trying to rebuild my collection.
Applelog Publications AppleLog Online keeps you updated on new releases from Apple. The ONLY Apple Records Collectors' Reference Series of publications. AppleLog is the complete resource for collectors of U.S. and Canadian Apple Items including: albums, singles, 4-tracks, 8-tracks, cassettes, reel to reel, CD's, promos, and reissues.
Butcher Posters Very high quality "Butcher Cover" posters for sale.
Beatlecollectors.com Records, memorabilia and collectibles.
BeatleFest Online All sorts of Beatles items. CD's/T-Shirts/Books etc..
Beatlesmarketplace The Beatles Marketplace is a great site with lots of original goodies for sale. Check them out.
More Than Music Located in London, England. New and original releases and memorabilia.
Beat City Located in the U.K. Excellent site for old magazines, new and old memorabilia.
Awesome Beatles Homepage

The Awesome Beatles Catalogue website is devoted to buying and selling original memoribilia and records of the greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band of all time: The Beatles!

Beatles for Sale Walter Durst collection
BeatleMania Shoppe Located in Toronto Canada. Mostly new Beatle items for sale.
Beatle Stuff Catalog Ask for a list. Nice stuff.
Beatles Collector's Reference Center This site is owned and operated by Daniel Goudreault, a French-Canadian, 20 year veteran collector. Very well done site, nicely laid out and informative. Worth spending the time checking out all the info.
Frank Caiazzo The leading authority on Beatles autographs. Autographs for sale too! www.beatlesautographs.com
Bob Iuliucci Anthology stock/promos and more.
BOJO Online and snail-mail Catalog available - Long time dealers in Beatles collectibles
Brian Kaelin's Beatle List Lots of goodies here for sale.
Bryan Barrows Site A small collection of misc for sale.
Fab4Collectibles High quality and rare, original merchandise.
Genesis Publications Unique Limited Editions
Jim Gambino's Beatles Site Lots of goodies here for sale.
More Than Music Worldwide MAIL ORDER Service Available - for an exciting and Quality selection of original and newer format music and memorabilia, Rarities, Posters, Vinyl, Boxed Sets, Books, Magazines, Programmes, etc. relating to "THE BEATLES"- Located in the U.K.
MusicMachine Mostly New stuff. And more.
Only a
Northern Song
Steve Clifford's site. Great stuff for sale, dealing mostly in Canadian/UK stuff.
These are also Steve's Pages. Well worth the look.
There are Beatles Live Classifieds and also a Beatles discussion area.
Pepperland Regular Advertisements in Goldmine Magazine
Record Collector Magazine Twenty years after it began, Record Collector has become the world's leading magazine in its field. Besides its features and discographies, every issue includes hundreds of album, book, fanzine, video and single reviews, plus exclusive news from the collecting and reissue scenes. That's why it's essential reading for everyone who's interested in collecting records, from 1950 to the present day.
Revolver Records A wide variety of goodies including: Colored and Rare Vinyl, Japanese imports, memorabilia, promo items and classic rock records.
Sgt. Peppers Pepperland Trade list. Mostly videos. Pepperland - Compact Discs/Tapes/Records.
An excellent resource for the collector. Also when you fill out a small form below you will magically receive email from all other applicant members and be able to join in on discussions about Collecting the Beatles.
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Rockmine Records Lots of goodies here for sale.
TRACKS In the UK. Goldmine Magazine advertiser. Many rare items for sale.
Beatles News Group Buy/Sell and talk about the Beatles.

In this section, I'll be showcasing some special hard to get items from my or my friends personal collections. I'll be adding more to this list as we decide what to showcase. Please check back often.
  1. John Lennon Watercolor painting. Done in 1952 at age 11 and the earliest Lennon autograph to date. Fully signed and authenticated. Serious inquiries ONLY!
  2. Original Gum wrapper for the Topps Bazooka "Hard Days Night" I have two for sale at $45.00 a piece.

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