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The Canadian Butcher

A newly discovered rarity

The Canadian Butcher, thought to be a myth and the stuff that dreams are made of, has finally surfaced and been authenticated by Perry Cox (author of the Beatles Record Guides). After thirty years only two copies have surfaced. Both between Vg+ to Vg++ condition.Very recently one of them from Paul White came into the possession of an American collector. Paul White, in the early sixties, became the head of the A&R Department of Capitol of Canada and introduced the famous 6000 series which would later feature the three Canadian Beatles albums. Geoffrey F. Racine was president from the end of 1962 to sometime in 1966. G. Edward Leetham took over as President in 1966. Although he wasn't president Paul White was a very significant player at Capitol of Canada.

The Butcher in Canada was far less distributed than the U.S. copies. In fact only the President, and possibly a small handful of executives ever got one. There were NO pasteovers.

Both known copies are MONOs. There is however an original Stereo slick. "Beckett" is the watermark in the slick.

The butcher slick itself on both copies is factory laminated much the same as the American "Ain't She Sweet". In the lower right front of the Butcher slick is the small black print "Litho In Canada".

The back cover features the print "Printed in Canada" along with photos of other Beatles Canadian LP titles. The record number is the same as the U.S. one (S)T-2553 and was released in the summer of 66 as well.

More on the Canadian Butcher and a letter from Paul White

Photo of the
Canadian Butcher
is forthcoming

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Much thanks to Perry Cox and Steve Clifford for most of the content on this page