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The Beatles Disk-Go-Cases from Charter Industries were released in 1966.
They came in a variety of colors and with a different assortment of accompaniments.

Experience has been that the yellow one is the most common of all the colors and the brown is the rarest. Perhaps the green one is on the tougher side also, but not in the same class as the brown one. The ones in between seem to be about equal in difficulty to locate. Interesting to note that there is a lavender AND a purple one! Not just a shade variation, a completely different item. (I have em both) I think each peripheral item adds to the value and here's how I see it.

Prices of Individual Pieces of the Disk-Go-Case

The Beatles hang tag - Front & Opened Photos $100-$150 (at least)
The Beatles marked banner $200-$250
The generic "Disk-Go-Case" banner and (pictured above) $60-$75
The inner generic "Disk-Go-Case" thick paper disc that is placed on the inside over "holder spindle". $15-$20
The outer small round black and white "open & close" instruction sticker $10-$15

A disco case in NM condition with all the above items (not factoring additional value for the brown one or discounting
value for yellow) would be worth about $650-$750 (All peripheral items NM also, deduct $100 for the generic banner)

Disk-Go-Cases in order of rareness

This can be agrued at this time as to rareness and pricing.
Here is a list starting with easiest down to most difficult to acquire

  1. Yellow
  2. Red
  3. Blue
  4. Lavender
  5. Purple
  6. Hot Pink
  7. Green
  8. Brown

Prices for cases only w/o additional accompaniments....

There was also a 6 1/2" x 22" IN-STORE poster to promote the "Disk-Go-Case ".
It's value in NM condition is about $500. Rare item!

Thanks to Perry Cox for the content of the page!

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