"Flip Your Wig Game"

In 1964 the Milton Bradley company released the Beatles "Flip Your Wig" board game. Originally the game sold for $2.98 retail.

This is probably the best bargin in all of Beatles collecting as it's a super displayable item full of colorful Beatles goodies! A Near Mint complete example is actually quite difficult to find and prices are only now climbing to the $300.00 mark for super copies! As people begin to realize their true rarity in condition, they will surely escalate fast in value in just a few short years. They've nearly doubled in the last few years for Near Mint ones.

New "Flip Your Wig" games didn't come with sealed cover/bottoms but only the compartment that held the playing pieces as seen in this photo! Click HERE!

Game Pieces
1 The Main Game Board
1 Die
3 Each of Beatles Face Cards
3 Each of the Beatles Instrument Cards
3 Each of the Beatles Signature Cards
12 Hit Record Cards
4 Mover Pieces - One of each Beatle.
Instructions printed on the filler tray

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