[ Hollywood Bowl Press Pass ] Hollywood Bowl
Press Pass

Hollywood Bowl, North Highland, Ave.
Los Angeles, California
August 23, 1964

The above is a press pass issued to allow the press and other bearers access to the Beatles after their performance at the Hollywood Bowl. So far, this is one of five known copies of this pass to exist. This piece was recently discovered and acquired from a relative of a record industry executive that was prominent back then.

Note: The term "known copies" used by collectors denotes a level of rarity. Some items were issued in limited quantity originally. Other items are rarer because of diminishing quantities over the years and still others are limited just due to their condition (example: "only 10 mint copies" are known to exist). Soon after I posted this press pass I have been contacted by other people informing me of 4 other copies in various conditions. This number might continue to grow. If you have one please leave me email at bpentium@eskimo.com

Update: It has been a over a year since I've had this page up and many people have contacted me letting me know that they have these. Obviously they are not as rare as I originally perceived them to be.

Pictured at left is Bob Eubanks who promoted the Beatles for the Hollywood Bowl appearances in both 1964 and 1965. His printed autograph is at the bottom of the pass. Bob Eubanks: The former host of "The Newlywed Game" and man who brought "The Beatles" in concert live to the Hollywood Bowl.

This concert was attended by 18,700 fans

[ Mailing Envelope ] Rare mailing envelope from Hoopla Promotions
August 21st 1964, LA, Calif.
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Courtesy of Tom Fontaine

Unused 1964 concert ticket

[ Hollywood Bowl Concert Photo] Rare color photo of the 1964 concert

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[ Press Conference ]
Press Conference & Award Ceremony
Shortly after the August 23rd 1964 concert the Beatles joined Vee-Jay exec Randy Wood (pictured with John) for a record award ceremony and news conference at a dance club called "The Cinnamon Cinder". The award pictured is the Tollie release of "Twist and Shout".
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Rare Photo of the Beatles at the Press Conference at
"The Cinnamon Cinder".

Cinnamon Cinder
Original Matches
Original and Rare Bumper Sticker

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