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Released: October 30, 2001 (withdrawn)
Produced by: David Kahne
Executive Producer: Paul McCartney
Label: Capitol C2 7243 8 77671 2 6

  1. From A Lover To A Friend {McCartney} (3:49)
  2. From A Lover To A Friend (David Kahne Remix 1) {McCartney} (3:44)
  3. From A Lover To A Friend (David Kahne Remix 2) {McCartney} (5:27)
  • Total playing time 13:02

SPLINE showing Capitol stock number

Paul McCartney CD Single released by Capitol Records #77671-2 entitled "From A Lover To A Friend". MINT & FACTORY SEALED with it's original sticker. The single was scheduled to be released on October 30th, 2001, but at the last minute Capitol withdrew the release and replaced it with the "Freedom" single which can still be found in some stores today. This single, highly sought by collectors, was only in stores a few days before retailers pulled all copies from the shelves.

According to an article published in the Nov 1st, 2002 issue of Goldmine Magazine (excerpt below), Capitol estimated only 25,000 copies were made and only 1/2 were shipped & the rest were eventually destroyed!. Most stores returned those 15,000 copies to assure full credit, so there are very few of these around. Could be less than 1000 in circulation! The CD contains From A Lover To A Friend (album version) plus TWO other remixes. One of these remixes was dropped from the new "Freedom" single, making this the only place to find the "second remix".

On Oct. 20 2001, at the Concert For New York City, McCartney played "From A Lover To A Friend" announcing it as "the new single" to benefit victims' charities. The song, with its difficult time changes, didn't come off quite as well as the new song McCartney introduced that night, "Freedom." Sensing that song's instant popularity with the audience, McCartney immediately decided not only to add the "Studio Mix" version of "Freedom" to the album, but to release it as a single as well. While in Britain it is common to have two versions of a McCartney single out, each with different B-sides, such is not the case in America. Thus, the U.S. "From A Lover To A Friend" was pulled from distribution (actually deleted) the same day it was released), to be replaced with a commercial edition of "Freedom," which would come shortly thereafter (see below).

It is estimated that about 25,000 singles were manufactured, with a little over half of those actually having shipped. Capitol issued a return order for those that made it out, destroying its own remaining inventory as well as those that returned, leaving a small but unknown amount out on the market. With memories of the Yesterday… And Today Butcher Cover coming to mind, an instant collectible was thus created for the few who were lucky enough to find the disc.

The single (Capitol C2 7243 8 77671 2 6) contains "From A Lover To A Friend" along with two remixes of the song by producer David Kahne, "From A Lover To A Friend (David Kahne Remix 1)" and "From A Lover To A Friend (David Kahne Remix 2)." At McCartney's suggestion, Kahne had produced the remixes in Los Angeles in July. And the two were mastered at Marcussen on Aug. 3. The cover art features (in case you can't make it out) a photo McCartney took through a mist-covered window of a red flower; the back side of the booklet has the same shot, with McCartney having drawn a heart with his finger on the condensation. The four page inset opens up to reveal a full-color shot of the very flowers McCartney was photographing in his garden, along with musician credits. The disc label has a bright pink "target" ring; with a clear center; with the single's title in familiar McCartney fax printing. A ¾ inch black product sticker is stuck on the shrink-wrap, noting the royalties going to New York Sept. 11 charities.

Excerpt taken from the November 2002 issue of Goldmine Magazine

News announcement from Nov. 2, 2001 shortly after the Sept 11th disaster

PAUL McCARTNEY is to release a global charity single this month in aid of the New York firefighters and police officers - as part of his drive to honour the New York rescue workers and aid families of the victims of the September 11th attack.

Paul is to donate the proceeds from the sales of a new song, "From A Lover To Friend", to New York's fire and police departments whose bravery has won the salute and applause of the world.

The single will be released worldwide by EMI and Capitol Records on October 29th - nine days after Paul fronts an all-star concert at New York's Madison Square Gardens to benefit the rescue workers and families of the victims of the September 11th attacks.

More than 300 firefighters are missing following the collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers.

Paul McCartney was in New York at the time of the attack on the World Trade Center. From an airplane waiting to take off at the airport, he watched the tragedy happen.

Said Paul: "I witnessed the last moments of the World Trade Center twin towers. Out of the window of the plane I could see the towers smoking and in flames and, like everybody, I could not believe what was happening. As the airport was then closed, I stayed in New York for a week after the attack and I was able to also witness the tremendous heroism that has come out of the city, including the bravery of the firefighters and police officers.

"I have great admiration for the courage all of those guys showed. I feel a connection with the firemen because my father was a volunteer fireman in Liverpool during World War Two. We're doing this big concert in New York to stand up for democracy, to honour the rescue workers and to benefit the victims of the attacks, and I hope that the sales of this new single will help to raise more funds.

"America is one of the greatest democracies on Earth, containing people from all races and religions and this attack on September 11th was a threat to that freedom. This is why we all need to stand up and be counted - that's why I'll be standing on stage at Madison Square Gardens with a bunch of mates in a show of solidarity".

Here's a great link to much more information about this piece.