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In late 1963 Vee-Jay records established a subsidiary label called Oldies 45 to sell previously released songs that appeared on Vee-Jay and other independent labels. Four of these releases were for the Beatles. The Beatles on Oldies 45 were pressed between August 64 to October 64. All discs have red labels with white logo print. There are also variations of these discs including high gloss, flat matte and low gloss labels. These four discs with the stock sleeve are pictured below. These discs have also been counterfeited but are easy to spot as they have either blood red or pink labels with black logo print.

Much more information on the Oldies 45, Vee-Jay, Tollie recordings can be found in Bruce Spizer's book "Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles on Vee-Jay Records".

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[ Oldies 45 Sleeve ] Pictured to the left is the semi-rare stock
sleeve for the whole Oldies 45 line-up.
This sleeve is getting harder to find
in presentable condition.
Do You Want To
Know A Secret

Thank You Girl
Please Please Me
From Me To You
Love Me Do
P.S. I Love You
Twist and Shout
There's A Place

Below are obvious fakes. Notice the "Oldies 45" logos in black print. Originals are white.

Pictured to the left are photos of the promotional only "Oldies 45" 45 record carrying case. Thought to be only around 500 made, few have survived over the years. This is the only one I've personally seen. These were made around 1965 according to Bruce Spizer.
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These boxes are made of cardboard and measure 8x8x4-7/8. They have clear plastic handles and metal hinges.
Three colors, Green, Blue & Red" are known to exist.
{short description of image} Thanks to Jim Gambino for sending me this photo.
{short description of image} Another type of "Oldies 45" box. Used in radio Stations.

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