Autographed Copy of John Lennon's
"In His Own Write"

Description of the Book

This book of Lennon short stories, poems and original artwork was published in the UK and is the third printing of this hard bound version of his first endeavor as an writer.
The first printing was March 1964, 2nd and 3rd printing in April 1964.

About the Autographs

Signed April 23rd 1964 at the Dorchester Hotel in London

During the filming of "A Hard Days Night", the Beatles 1st movie, and during the "Can't Buy Me Love" sequence, John had to leave to Isleworth to attend a literary luncheon being held in his honour at the Dorchester Hotel. This is why only Paul, George and Ringo appear at the very end of the "Can't Buy Me Love"sequence, when a groundsman shouts at them "I suppose you know this is private property" and George sarcastically responds, "Sorry we hurt your field, mister".

Photos of the Signing!

Below are actual photos taken at the Dorchester April 23rd 1964 during the Foyles Luncheon.
The photo of Wilfred Brambell was not taken at the luncheon but he was there signing.

John Lennon showing off his new book.
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Brian Epstein Signing for a fan!
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John with wife Cynthia
also there signing books
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Wilfred Brambell
British Actor who played Paul's grandfather
in "A Hard Day's Night"
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For more on the event and more photos, click here!

All autographs have been verified as authentic by Frank Caiazzo, world's leading expert on Beatles autographs

From Left to Right, Top to bottom

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Helen Shapiro The Brenda Lee of England, the Beatles first tour was opening for her.
Brian Epstein The Beatles Manager - Every Beatle fan knows this.
John Lennon Need I say more? Ok, MORE!
Arthur Askey British Music Hall Star, comedian
Wilfred Brambell British Actor famous from the English program "Steptoe and Son". Played Paul's Grandfather in the Beatles movie "A Hard Days Night".
Cynthia Lennon John Lennon's first wife. "Pre-Yoko".


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