[5x7promo card]
Pictured above is a promotional card (size 5x7) from the 1993 Beatles Collection Trading Cards from "The River Group".
John, Ringo, Paul and George appear to retrace their steps in this pari of exlusive, never-before-made public shots from the photo session for the cover of Abbey Road -- the Beatles' best selling album of all time and one whose photography started a number of rumors, one of which was that Paul was dead.

The rare photos appear on Card #208 in The Beatles Collection, a set of 220 trading cards depicting the on and off stage lives of the most successful group in music history. The set is the first produced about the Beatles in nearly 30 years, providing a complete history of the Fab Four from their days and nights in Liverpool's Cavern Club in 1962 to their final studio session in 1969.

The set, which is authorized by Apple Corps Limited, is produced and marketed by The River Group of Westport, CT, manufacturer of 1992's wildly successful Elvis Collection trading cards.

The Abbey Road photos were shot at 11:35 a.m. on Friday, August 8, 1969, on London's Abbey Road outside the EMI studios where the Beatles recorded all of their albums. The idea for the cover was Paul's and he chose the photograph out of six shots that were taken. On the actual album cover, the red bus is not seen-- and the Beatles were walking left-to-right in closer stride.

These photographs were taken 12 days before the Beatles spent their last day together in the studio.

Here is the back of the 5x7 promotional card from the River Group.

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Last but not least, there is a 3 ring binder that was made and acquired through mail-order to house all of the sets of cards.

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