It's amazing the things people throw away!!

"Sneak Preview" Video Press Kit

This cleverly designed promotional package included a custom-boxed 5-minute promo VHS videotape and a 3-ring binder of Anthology literature. The container is a "hinged" 6-sided color box made to look exactly like a stack of old worn Beatles records, with Meet The Beatles on the top (as the opening lid) and Let It Be on the bottom. The side shows a photo of the spines of all albums from Meet The Beatles to Let It Be, including the United Artists title A Hard Day's Night. The opposite side is a photo of the jacket openings, with some of the inner sleeves "hanging out." Three of the "albums" are "imports.". Shown at left is the sticker for the front of the video press kit "sneak preview" shipping box.

Much more information and photos at "Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Beatles" site.
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The "Sneak Preview" project has been a joint effort.
Thanks to Perry Cox for supplying this item/ Mitch McGeary for content and photography
and myself for acquistion/photos and initiating the project.