Below are pictured two different versions of the 1964 issue record catalogs from Vee-Jay. The black one is the 1st issue & the one advertised on the back of the Hear the Beatles Tell All album. Extremely scarce, only a few copies are known in collectors hands. The 2nd issue has just surfaced and is much rarer. This is the first copy that I've seen of this issue and would like to know if other persons have them in there possessions and where they acquired them.

The 1st issue has a total of 24 pages. The 2nd issue has much more added including Tollie, Oldie 45 and Interphon listings. It also states that "Vee-Jay is the official New York's World's fair record company", has a total of 28 pages. The layout of print, graphics and listings look practically the same in both issues.

I will be adding more info. as I collect it.

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1st Issue - Front Cover

2nd Issue - Front Cover

1st Issue - Back Cover

2nd Issue - Back Cover

Inside page with photos Inside page with photos

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