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Yesterday And Today -
Capitol T/ST 2553 Released Jun 15th 1966. Black Label with rainbow-color band. Referred to as the "first state" cover. Cover has a controversial photo of the group dressed in white butcher smocks showing cuts of raw meat & parts of toy dolls strewn about their apparel. Very few copies were reportedly sold in stores with this cover in its first state.

NEW!!! Butcher Cover Posters for Sale!!!!

I have decided to sell my sealed mono 1st State butcher.

Photos are available at this link.

Textual Reading Section

  1. Four Western Washington State Butcher Owners
  2. The Canadian Butcher - Read about it here!
  3. Alan Livingston Biography. President of Capitol Records during the Butcher period.
  4. How to tell if you have a Butcher Cover Underneath your Steamer Trunk.
  5. Don't Peel your Butcher Paste Overs
  6. [ Revised ] Why you could NOT have purchased a "1st State" Butcher in the stores.
  7. How to PEEL a paste-over Butcher.
  8. Who Butchered the Beatles by David P. Mikkelson
  9. Photo of the Butcher Recall Letter sent out by Ron Tepper at Capitol Records to recall the covers that were sent out as advance play copies to be replaced by the new trunk cover version.
  10. Photo of the "Customer Response Letter" sent out to customers complaining about the Butcher cover design. This piece is very collectible and this scan has been altered to preserve the worth of the original. Content, placement and other things have changed.
  11. The Beatles Yesterday..And Today Complete Discography and Price Guide.
  12. Sealed Mono 1st State Butchers, 26 year value chart!
  13. NEW! Very rare Yesterday and Today Capitol Records Promotional photo of the trunk photo.

Professional Butcher Peeling

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Artwork Section

Photo of my Sealed 1st State Mono Butcher" graphic.
The Current "Trunk Cover" graphic.
Different shot of the Trunk Cover photo shoot!
The Butcher Cover - Stereo Version
The Butcher Cover - Monaural Version
The very rare "Purple Trunk" cover. Plus 3 other alternate cover art.
Paul perusing the so-called "Butcher" transparencies from
March 25 1966 during the 'Paperback Writer' shoot on 19 May.
Alternate Photo Shots
All known shots of the Butcher cover photo session taken by Robert Whitaker
Alternate Shot
Alternate Shot (link to another site)
Alternate Shot (link to another site) First Public Appearance of the Butcher Cover Photo- June,1966
Alternate Shot (link to another site) Ever See a pack of Butcher Cover Matches?


The Yesterday and Today Photo Album

Photos from some of the largest "Yesterday"...and Today collections in the world including alternate photos, albums & 45s, CDs, posters , artwork and more!

Audio Section

Click Buttons Audio Format Description
.WAV format .WAV file John Lennon Talks about the Butcher Cover Shoot.
Real Audio format Real Audio Same as above but in Real Audio
Real Audio format Real Audio New, and very high quality interview with John Lennon commenting on the Butcher Cover photo session. Also his comments on Capitol records (USA) and how the American market differs from the UK.
[ Approx 144k ]
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