Don't Peel Your
Butcher Covers

Back in 1966 the album Yesterday And Today was conceived. The Beatles wanted to submit artwork from their Paperback Writer project for this Capitol Lp. According to the contract they had with Capitol Records, Capitol retained the rights to the U.S. cover designs but they insisted Capitol use the Butcher Cover design for this Lp. The one they submitted was the Butcher Cover. Capitol ran a limited number of this artwork and sent it out for evaluation. The reaction was objectionable and this artwork badly received.

The Beatles quickly had another photo taken (the steamer trunk photo seen at the top of this page) and this one was made into a "slick" and pasted over the Butcher Cover design, shrink wrapped and distributed to the retailers. When people found out about this they preceded to peel them off to see the Butcher cover underneath. Depending on the amount and location of the glue some were very successful in taking the trunk cover off in one piece but many were NOT successful and basically ruined the cover.

From then until now people are still fascinated by the Butcher and are still determined to peel off the covers. In this modern era where the glue has aged and hardened even further, it's strongly recommended that collector's have the peel job professionally performed. In fact, it's only recommended that they only peel them in the cases where the trunk cover has excessive wear. All nice paste-overs should be left alone in their pure state.

There was a limited pressing of this Butcher design with the paste-over covers. After 30 years of people pulling them off the numbers of original paste overs are seriously dwindling making the paste-overs more sought after then the peeled versions. For instance, a near-mint mono pasteover will bring around $700-$800 but one of equal quality that's been peeled off will bring you $600-$700. And as time goes by the pasted over versions will go up in price more quickly because of their scarcity.

If you want to see the butcher cover, find a photo of one or maybe buy an "previously peeled" Lp. Or if your paste-over cover jacket is trashed, go for it. Nothing to lose.

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