In December of 2005 there was an auction on Ebay of a screen used knife used in the movie "The Punisher." I was the high bidder in this auction. Below is some information about this knife.

This knife is also pictured online at this link. The best shot is in the 4th row down, far right photo. Here's another link to a different site that shows many items that were auctioned.

The knife itself is the Police Utility Knife - PUK made by Emerson. The knife features a short, stout blade with an extremely strong V grind and is honed to razor sharpness. The handle features a deep guard and positive thumb ramp designed to provide a "no slip forward" safety grip for the knife. Also features the new Dragon's Teeth serrations and a ballistic nylon sheath.

Auction Description: This is the real Emerson Boot Knife used by Tom Jane in the 2003 Marvel/Lion's Gate Films movie the Punisher. Towards the end of the movie where the Punisher (tom Jane) is conducting a raid on Howard Saint's (John Travolta's) club, this knife makes an appearance when the Punisher stabs one of Saint's soldiers in the throat. The Knife is an incredible high quality full tang, partially serrated Emerson Knife w/ a tactical black nylon sheath (with a kydura insert to protect the blade). This knife comes with a framed certificate of authenticity from Lion's gate films stating the origins of the knife and signed by a representative of Lion's Gate Film's and Premiere Props. Very rare, cool collectable item. One of a kind, Perfect gift for the Punisher fan

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