Mount Rainier - the center piece of the Pacific Northwest. Located 50 miles from
Tacoma, it's peak is 14,410 ft above sea-level. One of the most beautiful mountain peaks in
Washington State. Below are some photos you might like to view. Click on the thumbnail photo
to view a larger version.

About Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park, western Washington, established 1899. The central feature is Mount Rainier (4392 m/14,411 ft), a dormant volcano and the highest peak of the Cascade Range. Located on the western edge of the range's crest line, Mount Rainier has the largest single-peak glacier system in the United States outside Alaska. A total of 26 major glaciers cap the peak and extend down the mountain's slopes. The park receives heavy annual precipitation, which supports the growth of thick forest below the timberline at about 1980 m (about 6500 ft). Vegetation includes such tall species of trees as Douglas fir, western hemlock, Sitka spruce, and western red cedar, as well as numerous varieties of wildflowers. The diverse wildlife includes mountain lion, bobcat, elk, bear, deer, and mountain goat. Mount Rainier was named in 1792 by the English explorer George Vancouver after British Rear Admiral Peter Rainier. The Native American name for the mountain, Tahoma, means “The mountain that was god.” The first successful ascent was made in 1870. Area, 953.5 sq km (368.1 sq mi)

Mount Rainier
Willis Wall - North Side
Aerial View from the North Side
A lake view
The Mountain and Eunice Lake
Paradise Visitors centre near the top.
Paradise Inn with Mt. Rainier in the background.
Mt. Rainier in winter from Chinook Pass
Wild Flowers, Tipsoo Lake
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