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Welcome to my contribution to Star Trek Fandom. On this page you'll find some of my favorite sites on the Internet and some of my own personal photos that I've gathered from different sources on the Internet and from my years of attending Star Trek conventions. Hope you'll find this site useful and as a doorway to finding most anything Star Trek on the Net. This page was last updated 10/02/96

A little bit about the originator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry

Star Trek Convention with William Shatner signing autographs.

Next Generation Film Cell signed by John De Lancie with authenticity from Paramount.

Every site needs photos right?

Marina Sirtis #1 Gates McFadden
Marina Sirtis #2 Patrick Stewart and Jennifer Hetrick
Marina Sirtis #3 Photo of me and Marina Sirtis
Crew photo from 1st series Photo of me and James Doohan ( Scotty )
Limted Edition Autographed Jonathan Frakes,
 #10 SkyBox Master Series Trading Card. #392/500.
Limited to 500!
My Personally Autographed Photo of Jennifer Hetrick
Crew photo from the Next Generation #1 Crew Photo from the
Next Generation #2
Carolyn Seymour- plays Miss Templeton in Voyager and two Romulan Commanders in Next Generation. She also played the holographic image that helped the Evil Leaper in Quantum Leap. Photo is autographed to me. John De Lancie( The Q )
Me and Grace Lee Whitney ( Janice Rand) Scan of my mint copy of the very first StarLog Magazine Dated August 1976

Photo of Spock Look here for Star Trek conventions in your area.
Star Trek - Continuum powered by Microsoft Network
My Marina Sirtis Convention Page
Marina Sirtis Site
International Marina Sirtis Fan Council
Site Gates McFadden
The Star Trek Archive
About Star Trek: The Next Generation
Pakled World, "STTNG episode, "Samaritan Snare"

Starland  News OnlineCool site, SCI-FI News: StarTrek/X-Files and more.

MicroSoft: The Next Generation

Useless Facts about Star Trek

John De Lancie (the "Q") taken at the Star Trek convention in Everett, Wa. 2/24/96
All photos taken by me.

  1. John De Lancie #1 - Signing Autographs
  2. John De Lancie #2 - Signing Autographs
  3. John De Lancie #3 - Signing Autographs
  4. John De Lancie #4 - Signing Autographs
Photo of Stevie Nicks? Maybe she's a Star Trek Fan!
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