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This is the portfolio of the graphic artist Brian Weaver

Playing : Quake Wars: Enemy Territory, Second Life
Working : RIM This site : HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, RSS
Most Interesting place worked so far: Swissopolis
Starting to play with : ZBrush

This is a Blog and portfolio about Art, Science, and Technology on April 22, 2011

The future of cinema? Peter Jackson has posted that he is shooting his Hobbit films at 48 fps in 3D ... This is a highly unusual venture for a major director. One gets the feeling it is indeed Peter Jackson writing and not using a staff copywriter for it. Its is definitely personal and intimate. This is the kind of thing film historians will gush over in the future. It sis filled with detail and anecdote that makes for a fun read.

Games, Comics, Film, Animation, Toys, Design, News, and Special fx : A glimpse into the environmental and character art direction for the game Lord of the Rings: War in the North ... Trailer for the upcoming game Asura's Wrath ... New trailer for the western sci-fi film, Cowboys and Aiens...  The Blender Foundation has released Blender 2.57 ...Stargate Studios has compiled a FX breakdown reel for The Walking Dead ... The game engine evolution from id Software ...

This is a Blog and portfolio about Art, Science, and Technology on March 27, 2011

Introducing you to music, and music technology your parents don't like : Kaisoku Tokyo - dorodoro ... Max Richter ambient from London ... The Ex alternative trance experimental from the Netherlands ... Black 47 Irish music from the Bronx ... British Sea Power - Remeber Me ...  Deerhoof pop art music from San Francisco ... Jolie Holland as the New York Times said; lipstick and high heels in a barn, wonderful pop folk and nujazz  from Houston, Texas ... Lucinda Williams  punk folk country from LA ... Band of Skulls - Fires  ... Sam Amidon - Saro  ... Cold War Kids eclectic alternate punk from Long Beach ... DeVotchKa indie gypsy punk from Denver ... The Chemical Brothers alternative psychedelic electronica from London. Videos here ...

Games, Comics, Film, Animation, Toys, Design, News, and Special fx :: Blizzard Entertainment has turned 20 years old, and has released a long retrospective video of its history ... Katherine Marlowe makes her debut in this cutscene from Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception ... CGSociety has a production focus on the cyberpunk shooter Deus Ex: Human Revolution  ... Bitteschö describes itself as “a studio in Berlin, Germany, that likes to illustrate and animate the world.”  Here is their One Minute Puberty ... It's time to crush the Venusian heathens once and for all. Weta Workshop has released an animated promo for Dr. Grordbort's amazing steampunk rayguns and other super-advanced tools of space Empire ... Chicago based Tom Barrett shares this fan-made music video he made for the indie group, Neutral Milk Hotel, a decade ago ... The latest trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ...

   In what is increasingly rare now days The LA Times covers photojournalism in a section of the online paper called Framework, covering photo, journalism, video, and multimedia. Somewhere along the line someone got smart and classy with this section. A true winner.

This is a Blog and portfolio about Art, Science, and Technology on January 10, 2011

Introducing you to music, and music technology your parents don't like : Niko Case singer songwriter ... L.A. Guns hard rock from Los Angeles ... Velvet Revolver : Fall To Pieces ... White Stripes garage post punk duo from LA ... Altera Enigma jazz fusion influenced progressive metal from Victoria, Australia ... The Damage Manual industrial post punk from Chicago ... Dark New Day alternative metal from LA ... Down southern metal from New Orleans ... G3 :  Little Wing Jam 3 masters of the electric guitar in mouth dropping performances of a Hendrix cover followed by Voodoo Child followed by a Deep Purple cover Smoke On The water ... Jeff Beck Group : Definitely Maybe ... The New Cars nuwave from Boston ... Pigface industrial metal from Chicago ... Liquid Tension Experiment instrumental progressive metal from Australia ... Alter Bridge progressive numetal from Orlando, Florida ... Velvet Revolver numetal from LA ... Cream : Sunshine of Your Love ...

Motoi Yamamoto is an artist who defies our neat categories for art we have set up, mostly for commercial purposes. More properly his work might be called a Zen exercise. An overview of the artists work is supplied here. The artist's blog in a charming Japlish.
   Quite frankly this is amazing work evoking both the fractal and the ocean as its' metaphors. A tightly packed set of Koch curves comes to mind right away in looking at its complexity as well as the sea foam that forms on the surface of the ocean during restless seas.

   Render[in] is a fully-integrated, powerful rendering engine for SketchUp that offers real-time radiosity preview.
   Show of  Nosaj Thing & Aalto at Lunchmeat Festival 2010 hold in MeetFactory Prague / Czech republic.
   James Cameron discusses the H.P. Lovecraft film he's making with Guillermo del Toro.

This is a Blog and portfolio about Art, Science, and Technology on December 4, 2010

   Well it's time to get back into the swing of things.

Listening to : Howlin' Wolf Smokestack Lightning ... The Who Smokestack Lightning ... The Animals Smokestack Lightning ...  Rammstein industrial heavy metal from Berlin ... Godsmack video Awake ... Liaisons Dangereuses ebm electro pop from Denmark ... Einstürzende Neubauten experimental ebm from Denmark ... Nocturnal Emissions ambient experimental from the UK ... Die Form experimental industrial electronica from Paris. Die Form on YouTube ... Android Lust dark industrial goth from New York. Android Lust on YouTube ... Velvet Acid Christ industrial death metal from  Westminster, Colorado ... yelworC gothic industrial from Berlin ...

This is a Blog and portfolio about Art, Science, and Technology on August 10, 2009

Listening To: Colony 5 is a Swedish future synth pop EBM band ... Combichrist a dark electro goth aggrotech band ... Neuroticfish a German musical project whose styles are borrowed from electronic body music, futurepop, and synthpop ... Blutengel is a German darkwave electro gothic musical group ... Sloth ambient metal from LA ... Saint Cain trio of hard straight ahead metalics from LA ... Green Day is a post punk trio ... Bia Krieger acoustic Brazilian influenced nujazz and folk ... The Wailers  (Sorry samples only, these guys are riding rough shod over their music.) were a garage band from Tacoma, Washington around 1958 ... [:SITD:] is a German electro-industrial band ... Edges of Seven industrial metal from Vancouver, B.C. ... Daniel Barenboim (Piano), Pinchas Zukerman (Violin), Jacqueline du Pre (Cello), Ludwig van Beethoven : Piano Trio #2 in G Op 1/2 This is an historic 1970 recording joining major musical forces to produce a masterpiece of a masterpiece. "Jacqueline du Pré met pianist Daniel Barenboim on New Year's Eve 1966. Shortly after the Six-Day War ended, she cancelled all her existing engagements (to the enormous annoyance of promoters), and they flew to Jerusalem. She converted to Judaism overnight, and they were married on 15 June 1967 at the Western Wall. Their marriage brought about one of the most fruitful relationships in music, with some commentators comparing the pairing to that of Robert and Clara Schumann." --Wikipedia. Read more here. YouTube videos here ... White Stripes garage blues metal. This brother and sister duo from LA pairs it down to a harsh and powerful unadorned minimalist music aesthetic. White Stripes on YouTube ... Second Coming post grunk garage screamo metal from Seattle teetering at the edge of major music success. Travis Bracht's vocals here have the cut, power, and range of Perl Jam's Eddie Vedder ... Queens of the Stone Age  is a stoner metal band from LA. Following in the aesthetic steps of White Stripes with a powerful minimalism ... Carlo Lio minimalist house techno from Toronto. Music best heard under the influence of dog tranquilizers  ... Young Brother psybient house techno from the UK. Dance driven by crystal N,N-dimethyltryptamine ...

   Here's some really crappy news about the AP as reported by Making Light blog : The Associated Press wants to charge you $12.50 to quote five words from them "The Associated Press, having already announced its intention to harass bloggers who publish snippets as short as 39 words from AP stories, has now published a web form through which intimidated parties can give the AP money in return for "permission" to publish as few as five words." Boing Boing on the matter.
    Stories like this make me want to go out and do something bad, read this about freedom from the AP. AP itself says on their site, that "The Associated Press is the bastion of the people's right to know around the world." I now owe the AP $25.00 for this post!
    As a follow up Rupert Murdoch said Wednesday that the company intends to charge for all of its news Web sites. Reports also from the Financial Times.
    This is the kind of forward thinking that seems common in the newspaper business lately. "Hey people aren't reading us so let's charge more money!" Yeah that's going to be a real success. Force people to pay for access to Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, so they'll just disappear. Good!

   Here is somekind of analysis of social networking sites which I admit I haven't read because I really don't care about it. Now that's the kind of reckless and thoughtless irresponsibility we're talking about!

John Godson 3D modeler, digital painter at ILM. CGSociety profile.

Amy Stein photography. Riverside is brilliant.

Foam International Photography Magazine.

Joao Ruas Illustrator.

Julia Gfrorer artist.

Anton Cherdak illustration.

Natalie Ratkovski illustrator.

Jennifer Boomer photography.

This is a Blog and portfolio about Art, Science, and Technology on August 3, 2009

Thanks Republicans and Democrats 1981 - 2009 !
    Thank you for 28 years of pseudo-economics and ideologically driven national policies that have decimated our national manufacturing, undermined and eroded our health care, and corroded our educational system, and slowly ruined our infrastructure.
   Thank you for the neglect and the stupidity, the silliness and the vast seethe of hypocrisy that surrounds you.
   Thanks to the congressman, and presidential candidates receiving millions in bribes called contributions.
   Thanks to the transnational corporations, you know who you are, whose growth over the last 28 years was made possible by the economically and technologically ignorant congressmen and presidents with their eager hands out.
   Thanks Bushes, Clinton, Reagan thanks for your work on their behalf!
   Thank you for the multi trillion dollar unnecessary forever wars.
   Thanks for the decay of our infrastructure, the unemployment, the skyrocketing costs of health care and education.
   Really, thanks for all of the above!
   It has been such a remarkable success hasn't it?
   Thanks for the decimation of the middle class, thanks for all the recessions, and the rise of the bubble economies.
   Thanks for lowering the taxes of the rich, and corporations, and raising it on the middle class.
   Thanks for helping to move jobs to India, China, Thailand, and Korea, thanks for NAFTA!
   Thanks for all the neglect of the VA, SEC, FDA, FEMA, and thanks for the politicization of the DOJ!
   Thanks for making it possible for these agencies not to work by underfunding and under staffing them.
   Thanks for all the patronage. Thanks for hiring your know nothing cronies and pals to ruin the agencies you put them in charge of.
   Thanks for letting vicious pious Sunday fundamentalist patriotic gore creep into your jingoistic speeches. Thanks a lot for letting it masquerade as policy. 
   Most of all, and not least, thanks for knowing nothing and doing less, really it's been so wonderful to have witnessed the creation of this long running national disaster, whose end is nowhere in sight.
   Thanks for turning America into the third world country it was meant to be, really it's been just swell.

Listening To: Hagen Quartet, Joseph Haydn : "The Lark" in D Op 64/5 Hob 63 ... The Trashmen were a primordial garage surf punk rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1962 ... Jan and Dean were a surf duo, popular from the late 1950s through the mid 1960s ... The Cure post punk London new wave electronica still immensely popular for its europop dance style ...  Drowning Pool is a four-piece southrern metal band from Dallas. Drowning Pool on YouTube ... MIA from London is highly infectious hip hop indicative of the intense polycultural music mix of modern England ... IAMX  is the solo electroclash synthpop project of Chris Corner from the UK ... Thrice is an emo metal band from Irvine, California ...Boy Hits Car is a four piece alternative garage metal suff band from LA ...  Iron & Wine  folk rock from Texas ... Murray Perahia (Piano), George Frideric Handel : Keyboard Suite #3 in d HWV 428. Perahia has always impressed me with his deftness and surprising muscularity on the keyboard dispite his previous handicap ... Soundtrack Bernard Herrmann :The Ghost and Mrs Muir. Haunting melancholy music from the wonderful tearjerker 1947 ghost tale Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. With Gene Tierney, Rex Harrison, Natalie Wood, and George Sanders ... Michel Plasson (Conductor), Arthur Honegger : Pastorale d'Ete,Orchestre Du Capitol De Toulouse ...

Games, Comics, Film, Animation, Toys, and Special fx : ATI's $1,800 2GB FirePro V8750 GPU ... New work, Porcelain , from French motion director and compositing artist David Bobichon ... The Incident at Tower 37 is a collaborative short film, created by Hampshire College professor Chris Perry, and students ...  Jerry Bruckheimer is producing World War Robot ... Speilberg on animation ... CG artist Marco Iozzi updates his portfolio ... Gearbox art director Brian Martel talks to CG Society about the characters and animation in the game Borderlands ... A new Girlamatic webcomics anthology site is up ... Art Babble is a portal for videos on the web about art ... A video interview with director Lee Unkrich about his next movie for Pixar, Toy Story 3 ... Lumiere, a Photoshop plugin capable of generating advanced glow effects ...

Found Aesthetic Objects:  1968 New York free rooftop concert Jefferson Airplane filmed by Jean-Luc Godard ... Flight patterns ... Abandoned Catalina seaplane: 50 years between the sea and the desert ... London Day by UrbanTick uses timelapse to follow the activities of a day in the UK capital ... Bit torrent server rack front and back ...

A typefont site that collects it in photographs from everywhere called Treasures Everywhere. Many of these fonts are from the Northwest Railway Museum.

Fontplore is an interactive application designed for searching and exploring font databases.

Dave Rapoza illustrator.

Main Loop illustrator.

David Giraud 3D artist

Pascal Blanch art director illustrator.

Peter Kovacsy sculpture.

Jordu Schell sculpture.

Jelmer Boskma conceptual design visual fx.

This is a Blog and portfolio about Art, Science, and Technology on July 20, 2009

Listening To: The Fall Of Troy a three-piece progressive rock band from Mukilteo, Washington ... Godsmack is a numetal band from Lawrence, Massachusetts ... Endo a four-piece nu metal from Miami, Florida ... Glass Intrepid numetal quartet from Houston, Texas ... Tool progressive art metal from LA ... A Perfect Circle progressive metal from LA ... The Melvins a hardcore metal power trio from LA ... Bush post grunge from the UK. A hunting echo of Nirvana which led to critics hating them, unfairly I think ... Queens of the Stone Age  is a stoner metal band from LA. Queens on YouTube ... Velvet Revolver is a metal supergroup consisting of former Guns N' Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum, alongside Dave Kushner formerly of punk band Wasted Youth. Velvet on YouTube  ... Faith No More is an alternative metal band from San Francisco ... Kalenda Maya A quintet of Medieval music from Norway ... Curumin is a Brazilian musician. His style is samba-funk nujazz bossa nova hip hop ... Vieux Farka Toure is a Malian singer and guitarist from Bamako, Mali who plays stunning beautiful  music ... Gor Mkhitarian is an Armenian singer and songwriter playing Armenian electroacoustic folk living in LA ... Air is a French music duo, consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel they play experimental synth fused ambient soundscape electronica ... Dzihan and Kamien  lounge house Arabic nujazz from Austria ... Wasis Diop from Paris mixes Senegalese traditional and electronica ... Cheap Trick an American rock band consisting of Robin Zander (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Rick Nielsen (lead guitar, backing vocals), Tom Petersson (electric bass, backing vocals), and Bun E. Carlos (drums, percussion). Jesus! I used to love these guys they are touring this year with Def Leppard and Poison. CT on YouTube. Link to their site here ... Fever Ray Swedish electronic artist Karin Dreijer Andersson. Newest Video When I Grow Up ...  

   Why doesn’t Amazon just come into our houses and burn the print copies as well while they’re at it? What middle level management parasitic whore deep in the bowls of Amazon's corporate swamp decided that erasing bought works off your Kindle was a really good idea and which too stupid to live upper level management supervisor yes toady signed off on it? The fact that Amazon can remotely fukc with your Kindle and its content is not lost on anyone.

   Oh Christ! Ars Technica reports 12% of e-mail users have actually tried to buy stuff from spam. Ok I believe the world has stupid people in it.

   Woa! The audio archives of Smalls Jazz Club in NYC! Complete sets and dates. Stunning and what a pleasure!

   Uh, until a few moments ago I had no idea Tardigrada existed. 
   Wired has a report. Here's one on YouTube.
   If these creatures can exist in the vacuum of space and withstand such high levels of radiation, then it is just possible that these abilities are evolutionary traits that enabled them to arrive here, on Earth, from somewhere else in the galaxy. It has the astrobiologists questioning if some extremophiles are actually aliens living among us.
   The BBC has a report on extreamophiles.

This is a Blog and portfolio about Art, Science, and Technology on July 8, 2009

Listening To: MIA hip hop electronica dance from London ...  Covenant from Sweden mixes electropop, EBM, and industrial ...  Useless ID is a four-piece punk band, from Haifa, Israel  ... Depeche Mode an electronic dance band from Basildon, England ... Rise Against is an American punk band from Chicago, Illinois ... Priscilla Ahn an American musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist ... Laura Jansen a haunting delicate voiced songstress ...  Gavin Glass amazing Southern rock from Dublin with faint whiffs of San Fransisco psychedelica  ... Feaver Ray black metal electronica from Stockholm, Sweden. A mix of folk flavors smoked in a large pot ... The Sammus Theory numetal from Phoenix, Arizona ... Motörhead is a protogenic, (uh, is that a word? Yes actually it is but it's kinda mis-used here.) British metal band who are in fact a tribute band of themselves ... U.D.O. a German heavy metal band founded by lead singer Udo Dirkschneider once of Accept. Both bands heavily influenced heavy metal in the 70's and 80's ... Julie Weiss folksy electronica from New Jersey ... A Farewell Rescue indie garage punk that sounds clear and clean from Pennsylvania ... The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is a kind of emo based post punk hardcore band from Middleburg, Florida ... Less Than Jake is an American indie ska punk band from Gainesville, Florida ... The Leo Project is numetal from Kansas City, Missouri ... Chevelle an dark emo metal trio from Grayslake, Illinois. Coming to The White River Amphitheater, Auburn on August 22. Chevelle on YouTube ... Son Volt is an alternative country group from St. Louis, Missouri, which is like saying the Volvo is an alternative Model T ... The Creation British invasion freakbeat psychedelic group 1966 ... Pretty Things garage freakbeat psychedelic from UK 1965, band members were Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, and Dick Taylor. They soon became the Rolling Stones ... The Jakes pop rock garage from Newport Beach ... The White Stripes is a hard post punk blues garage brother and sister duo, from Detroit, Michigan. Jerk your head stamp your feet hard slam into the one closest to you, use your elbows, don't be shy! White Stripes on video ... Ana Egge somekind of folk indie country from Brooklyn ... Moshav pop mash Israel LA Middle East post grunk ... Elvis Presley American singer, actor, and musician. Video results for Elvis Presley ... Close Your Eyes hardcore post punk screamo from Abilene, Texas ... The Baltimore Consort is an Early-music ensemble specializing in arrangements of the Medieval and Renaissance music of England, Scotland and France, as well as traditional balladry ... Bryan Adams a Canadian pop ballade singer-songwriter and photographer from Vancouver, B.C. ...

   Kenneth Anger's short film  Lucifer Rising 1972. The classic unbelievably bad Avant-guard film which set the bar for everyone making another bad Avanti-guard film or a cheesy Sci-Fi film to emulate. Minimalist dark soundtrack composed by Bobby Beausoleil.

   The Codex Sinaiticus is one of the most important hand-written ancient copies of the Greek Bible was written in the 4th century it has been digitized. It was not written in English, obviously since it's in Greek. Interestingly enough the original Bible wasn't written in English either by blond tanned men who talked like Charlton Heston, rather it was written by swarthy small dark-skinned men who spoke no English. They spoke Hebrew. Isn't that amazing?

   How to kill the Internet? Let ASCAP and the RIAA run it. Techdirt discusses the latest new rates on Webcasting rates. "The recording industry, of course, doesn't find this problematic, because they don't like the fact that they can't control webcasters the way they can radio, so they are fine with taxing them out of business. ... SoundExchange/RIAA have a gov't granted monopoly over any kind of broadcasting."
   The lesson is all about the rise of the new corporate state and how we must all band together to love it.
   As Michael Robertson says : " Net radio is going to die a slow death in the United States."
   I suppose one might attack this stupidity as another corporate take over of the first amendment or some other sillyness but since most folks just mindlessly pay for over bloated rates on iTunes and other sites, for example, thanks Apple you money grubbing fukcing whore, without complaint it won't make a difference. Screw the open web! Let the lawyers and the MBAs who know best run things, just like they run the economy. Can you say Trans National Corporations? Illuminati? New World Order? Hey this is fun! 

   Speaking of the corporate, I note here that Dick Cheney ran the CIA from the Vice Presidents's office. American Democracy gotta love it! Here's some follow up from the socialist jew paper New York Times, and more background here from the same communist source. Accordingly the former director of the CIA Michael Hayden, noted tool and inventor of the clever program is covering his moist chubby ass by denying everything. I wonder does his ass have pimples? However since Dick Chaney was running the CIA how can Michael Hayden make his claim since he obviously wasn't running anything?
   Dispite the above it is not impossible to imagine that Congress was informed but was to stupid to know it.

Bryan Adams photography.

James Christopher photography.

Erin photography.

Catalina Estrada illustrator.

Bill Carmen illustrator.

Cory and Catska Ench illustrators.

Donato illustrator.

Bob Eggleton illustrator.

Cargill Napa kite photographer.

Rena Effendi photographer.

Peter Bialobrzeski  photographer.

Nadav Kander photographer.

This is a Blog and portfolio about Art, Science, and Technology on July 6, 2009

    I've always wondered about the kids in high school and college we knew who always seemed to know just exactly where they were going, what career path they were on and always seemed to know just where they were going to end up. Then years later that's exactly where they ended up. How dis they do that?
   The thing that seemed to set them off was their families. Their families seemed nice. Maybe they wern't, but from the outside they seemed well adjusted, happy even.
   I'm sure from the inside it looks different, yet somehow...
   Now the ones we that seemed to know are teachers, professors, programmers, or CEOs.
   For most of us it was a great mystery. Usually where we ended up was unplanned. The finger of fate found us. We ended up being well read short order cooks, Shakespeare quoting bus boys, or post Kantian German Idealist file clerks.
   The walking wounded in other words.
   I never understood how people could have it all figured out.
   I seem to recall a period when such questions seemed to exist in a fog of mystery. For some the fog extended and extended until they find themselves in the present doing the same unplanned things they always have and not being very happy about it, or even very good at it.
   I think most of us just muddle through. We always seemed a bit lost woth a perminent question just on the tip of our tongues that we never seemed to be able to ask.
   For every self help book on careers on the book shelves there is someone out there trying to figure it out, thumbing through the pages, biting their lower lip their face scruntched up, frowning.
   The problem is, it's not about a set of techniques. Ones life isn't a social workers file to solve.
   Life is a little bit more complicated than a formula.
   For some there is no answer, and for some the answer comes much later in life when the questions seem to dissolve away and the answer float into view.
   Some of us are still waiting for the fog to lift and tooting on the fog horn in hopes it will.

This is a Blog and portfolio about Art, Science, and Technology on July 1, 2009

Listening To: The London Sound Survey, ambient audio for the Anglophile ... Major treats Choral Evensong from BBC channel 3, and Through The Night BBC's Channel 3 all night classic shows (The links will launch a small BBC player on your desktop) ... Pete Namlook is an ambient and electronic-music producer and composer ... System of a Down is a left wing Armenian numetal band from Glendale, California. Their melancholy take on Hollywood is at YouTube ... Killswitch Engage  is a melodic metalcore band from Westfield, Massachusetts ... Alaska in Winter pop electronica from Berlin ... The Swell Season electro acoustic alternative longing and sighing from Ireland ... Greatful Dead an American rock band formed in 1965 in the San Francisco Bay Area.The band was known for its unique and eclectic style, which fused elements of rock, folk, bluegrass, blues, reggae, country, jazz, psychedelica, space rock and gospel ... Paul Hillier He is an active conductor, director, and singer (baritone) from Dorchester, England. He specializes in early music and contemporary art music, especially that of composers Steve Reich and Arvo Pärt ... The Dufay Collective is an early-music ensemble from the United Kingdom, specializing in Medieval and Renaissance music ... Recoil is a experimental trip hop dark electronica music project created by former Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder ... Overscene is a Dallas based metal band ... Giving Big Band music a distinctive British turn is BBC Radio Wales : Music from the Golden Years of Entertainment. Requires Real Player ... Current UK Pop on BBC Radio 6 with Nemone (3 hours) (Will launch BBC player app on desktop.) ... On BBC Radio 3 From the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Donald Macleod introduces a performance of Wagner's Lohengrin, (4.5 hours ) (Will launch BBC player app on desktop.) starring South African tenor Johan Botha, with soprano Edith Haller as Elsa ... BBC Radio 6 Radiohead's legendary Glastonbury 1997 headline set. (2 hours) One of the most bootleged recordings of all time ... Over on BBC Radio 1's leftfield show  Moby plays his first ever Radio 1 session (2 hours) for Rob da Bank ... BBC Radio Jazz On 3 at the Summer Festivals. Jez Nelson presents US guitarist and composer Marc Ribot performing in concert with British saxophonist Evan Parker and Dutch drummer Han Bennink.(2 hours) Part of the 2009 Meltdown festival, curated by free jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman ...

    I'm reading this book, it's called Spending by Mary Gordon, it's about this women artist and she meets a rich commodities trader.
    I'm on page 36 and it made me want ice cream.
    I haven't had ice cream for a while, and I'm eating a quart of French Vanilla right now and writing about why, no not really.
    I have an Americano from the Allegro too, its very good, chocolate tasting, a strong Americano from the Allegro and the crows are flying around outside and the sunlight is spilling across the rooftops of the University District and splashing onto the trees.
    I'm thinking that I like to watch movies and TV and I like to watch those things if they have aliens and explosions in them. Not necessarily exploding aliens.
    I love watching computer graphics and I know a little about them, the modeling and the lighting, and the texture maps, and the polygon sculpting and metaballs, and all that. Oh look it up!
    I have art work pilled against the wall here, pictures I've done, really some of them are very good and most of them have never seen the light of day. I think about that sometimes and I wonder why is that? I don't have an answer.
    I just turned on the Beach Boys' Kokomo I'm thinking of Hawaii when they sing this stuff, I can't help myself, Hawaii is a very nice place to be, and to be from, to have spent some time there growing up, and coming to a bit of understanding about how people intersect and interact, differently and still get along. I hear you, Kokomo isn't about Hawaii, but I know that so stuff it!
    I forgot that there's a neat Sax solo in Kokomo. It's about the need for connection and the need for separation, sometimes the need to have both at the same time which is possible in an abstract way, but not in a physical way, the need to have someone near you and away from you at the same time.
   California Dreaming is a masterpiece, really listen to it sometime that sexy sax jazz thing in there.
   This is in the same album with Surfin' Safari.
   Good Vibrations, this single was a work of genius.
   Listening to the music on the Internet makes me realize I never have to own an album again, all I need to do is just jack in and listen.
   Dance, Dance, Dance Beach Boys, Coldplay, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin. Speed Of Sound is a Coldplay signature. It is music filled with breath, filled with light.
   It's amazing how small things like Winamp or iTunes have changed or altered peoples behavior, or their relationship to music.
   Music is something that ones hunts for with due diligence, not only you do a search for it, find it, and listen to it, but the searching is done now sitting down and takes only a few seconds, not days or week crawling through some dusty record shop, instant gratification, a wealth of infinite possibilities extend into the future. The only thing missing now are the old LP liner notes and art on the album.They even used to have Grammies for them! Learned a lot of music that way from a lot of good writers.
    Sonny Clark Trio, see what I mean? Horace Silver Trio, see? Listen! Dexter Gordon's Easy Living.

This is a Blog and portfolio about Art, Science, and Technology on June 28, 2009

Listening To: Nostalgia for lost technology ... Camera Obscura are an indie pop band from Glasgow, Scotland ... Christina Courtin jumpy poppy otherworld folk nujazz from New York. Christina on google ... Dinosaur Jr. is alternative garage rock from Amherst, Massachusetts ... Rascal Flatts bubble gum country rock from Columbus, Ohio ... The Fray piano rock from Denver. Counting Crows mated with Coldplay ... New York Dolls undead lipstick proto-punk, proto-glam cross dressing rock from New York. On YouTube. Oh honey, who does your hair? ... Passion Pit steaming gleaming ecstatic electronica from Cambridge, Mass ... Phoenix French alternative rock ... The Sammus Theory numetal from Phoenix, Arizona. Coming to Tony V's Garage in Everett, Washington July 3rd, 2009 ... Tool progressive art metal from LA. Tool on YouTube ... Daft Punk is a dance house techno duo of French musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. They live in Paris which is far superior to where you live ... The Toronto Consort ensemble specializing in the music of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance ... BrotherSister down tempo experimental from Adelaide, Australia. Their new video on YouTube  ... Deftones is a numetal band from Sacramento, California ... Mnemic is a Danish death metalcore band, formed in Aalborg, Denmark ... Takida is a rock band from Ånge, Sweden ... Nels Cline is a experimental nujazz guitarist and composer, currently the lead guitarist of alternative rock band Wilco, who play a kind of nice smooth roots rock. Some facts : He is at least 10 years younger than you are, and he is a successful musician in a famous band, he makes more money than you do  ... Another Black Day is a post grunge metal band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida  ... Atreyu is a screamo metalcore band from Orange County, California (Scroll down to play tracks.) ... Allie Moss alternative folk from New Jersey sings with ... Ingrid Michaelson indie folk rock from Staten Island, New York ...  Volker Bertelmann from Duesseldorf, Germany plays experimental electronica and piano music ... The American Dollar experimental electronica from Queens, New York. American on YouTube ... El Ten Eleven dancable post rock electronica duo from LA. El Ten on YouTube ... Hello Stranger from LA fronted by Juliette Commagere's vocals does shiney smooth pop rock. Hello on MySpace videos ... The Court & Spark 60’s psychedelic folk-revival shamanism rock from San Fransisco ... The Dufay Collective is an early-music ensemble from the United Kingdom, specializing in Medieval and Renaissance music ... The Clay People are an industrial metal band based in Albany, New York ... Thelonious Monk bebop improvisational jazz. Scroll down to tracks. Thelonious Monk on YouTube ... Hilliard Ensemble  : English and Italian Renaissance Madrigals ...

Games, Comics, Film, Animation, Toys, and Special fx : First looks at Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland  remake concept designs ... True Blood HBO season 2 Episode 2 ... Arslan Elver senior-animator at Framestore CFC. Has updated his website with a reel of shots from the third season of the TV series Primeval ...  CGSociety : Artist Profile Roger Gibbon matte painter ... Color illusion ... Trailer for Ozzy Osbourne's biopic The Wreckage of my Past ... Onesize created some pretty awesome scientific anomalies for the sponsor titles this year at OFFF 2009 ... Resolution Design in Sydney, Australia just updated their site with these five tasty new videos for the 2009 MTV Broadcast Design ... Animafrik, an African animation film festival that seeks to promote African art and animation will take place October 5th to the 9th, 2009 ... The vampires from the blood-soaked, bare-breasted True Blood series are back with boobs, and blood. Well of course! ... Breaking up is hard to do ... Five short films created by the students of Gobelins at Annecy2009 ... 

The Manifested Glory Ministries Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut will exorcise your gay demons. You may not know you have gay demons, I'd be worried if I were you. Do they come in designer colors?

Every issue of Weekly World News from 1981 to 2007. I think I feel sick. This is part of google's mission to "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." Uh huh Wow!

What an out of control meme looks like., for a small fee will provide you with a corrupted Word, Excel or PowerPoint file just in time to actually do the work or get out of it.

cool live, interactive map of global shipping.

Ebon Heath designer.

Henri Cartier-Bresson photographer.

Kelly Thompson illustration.

Cedric Seaut digital sculpture.

Camelia Dobrin illustrator.

Robert Motherwell painter.

Kenny Harris illustration.

Irvin Rodriguez illustration.

Franz Kline painter

This is a Blog and portfolio about Art, Science, and Technology on June 13, 2009

Listening To: Miles Davis simply one of the great music geniuses of any age. Miles on YouTube ...  The Sounds is a Swedish new wave synth pop band from Helsingborg, Sweden. Full voiced clear Maja Ivarsson who fronts it has a pop voice to die for. The Sounds on YouTube . Please pay no attention to her legs, it objectifies her and demeans  ...   Velvet Revolver is a Grammy Award-winning metal supergroup consisting of former Guns N' Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum, alongside Dave Kushner formerly of punk band Wasted Youth from LA. Velvet on YouTube ... Default a Canadian post grunge alternative metal band from Vancouver, British Columbia ... Loaded (also known as Duff McKagan's Loaded) is an American metal post grunk supergroup that formed in Seattle, Washington ... Electric Flag psychedelic blues rock soul late 60's. Thanks to Jeff for the nostalgic heads up ... Arto Tuncboyaciyan Armenian percussionist, vocalist and instrumentalist from the UK ... Ragheb Alama pop Lebanese singer (Scroll Down to tracks) ... Emilana Torrini an acoustic folk singer from the UK ... 311 alternative hip hop punk metal from Omaha, Nebraska ... Gene Krupa an influential American jazz and big band drummer and composer, known for his highly energetic and flamboyant style ... Sintonik alternative thrash post grunk heavy metal from Nashville ...  Phon"noir experimental Electroacoustapop from Berlin ... My Toys Like Me alternative pop electronica from London ... Blue Oyster Cult is an psychedelic progressive post-Zeppelin, pre-punk metal band formed in New York in 1967 and still active ... The Fiery Furnaces are an indie post punk rock band from Brooklyn, New York ... The Cramps surf garage punk rockabilly from San Diego ... Afro Celt Sound System African Celtic folk electronica from the UK. Afro Celts on YouTube ...

Found Aesthetic Objects: Lional Hamptom drum solo ...  Duke Ellington Mood Indigo. Original RCA Victor recording of Mood Indigo (Must have .ram player like Real Audio ) More Ellington Sophisticated Lady - In A Sentimental Mood (1936) Compare to The Copenhagen Concerts, More 21 January 1942 recording of C Jam Blues, compare to the Oscar Peterson Trio's version of same dig the Jo Jones solo sans drum sticks at 2:32 to 3:05 ... Here's Oscar Peterson at 20 sounding almost like Art Tatum playing C Jam Blues recorded 20 August 17,1945 ... Here's Art playing Yesterdays, and here he is playing Tatum Pole Boogie live April 1949, Los Angeles ... Eddie Van Halen's NAMM 2007 guitar solo and earlier '95 Eruption solo. As good a guitarist as any alive. Steve Vai solo Denver 2003 I Know You're Here ... Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie (G3 Live In Denver) G3 Live In Denver - 2004, and Flying In A Blue Dream  2006 ... January 1996 Dick Dale playing Misirlou ... Dick Dale and The Del Tones 1963 Misirlou ... Primordial surf music The Ventures play Wipe Out Live 1964 with excellent drumming ...

   Somehow it has become "news" that John Travolta is " "struggling" to cope with the loss of his son, six months after the teen's death." quoting from MSNBC. As if we should be surprised at someone dealing with tragic loss only six months after it happened. Forget the mom by the way let's just focus on heroic dad.
     Yeah, why don't they just "Get on with life!" yeah, emotions and feelings for tragic loss are as easy to turn on and off as a light switch. It's important we make up rules for this so we can shame someone who is in mourning.
    In America it's important to deny the impact of death on our lives and give it another name, preferably something vaguely bureaucratic sounding (Passed to paradise, on to oblivion, exit)  so none of us have to deal with our own fear of death that gets lit up over someone else's loss of a wife, lover, son, daughter, father, mother, aunt, uncle, or pet.  Feel free to add to the list.
    So John do us all a favor and get over it, so we can dwell guiltlessly on our own fascinating narcissistic self absorption.
   Just so you know my true feelings : All Hollywood reporters and paparazzi should be kicked and spit on as often as possible.

   Forty years ago, Ken Thompson sat down and wrote a small operating system that would eventually be called Unix. An article at ComputerWorld describes the history, present, and future of what could arguably be called the most important operating system of them all.

   Hmmm, I smell a potential new horror film coming.
   From the Rumor mill :  Microsoft planning stores to compete with Apple stores, their version of the Genius Bar will be called The Guru Bar. Uh huh...

Before firing please feel free to tighten the barrel.
Artificial Owl is a blog about abandoned ships, buildings, and structures.
Moving Cities is a Beijing-based think-tank that investigates the role of architecture and urbanism in the creation of cities.
Mothballed Russian subs.
Like, totally K001! Agency website made entirely with YouTube videos.
Melbourne street art.
 OOOiii, gesture interfaces and interface design.
Yayashin illustrator.
Feona Meng illustrator.
Antony Gormley sculptural installations.
Jonatan Navarrete illustrator.
Fran Ferriz character, graphics, and industrial design.

This is a Blog and portfolio about Art, Science, and Technology on April 26, 2009

Listening To:  Leon Fleisher (Conductor), Leon Fleisher (Piano), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 23 in A K 488 , Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra ... 10 Years is an American alternative metal band, from Knoxville, Tennessee ... Red is a Grammy award winning Christian alternative metal band from Nashville ... Dead Letter Circus is a four-piece alternative progressive metal band from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia ... Piotr Anderszewski (Piano), Ludwig van Beethoven : 6 Bagatelles Op 126 ... Delerium is a band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their music encompasses dark ethereal ambient, voiceless industrial soundscapes, and electronic pop ... Apoptygma Berzerk is a Norwegian gothic industrial electronica group ... Grendel is a Dutch goth industrial electronica music group ... Victor Sangiorgio (Piano), Domenico Cimarosa : Keyboard Sonatas ... David Greed (Conductor), Howard Shelley (Piano), Camille Saint-Saens : Piano Concerto No. 2 in g Op 22,Orchestra of Opera North ... Otep  is an American experimental hip hop numetal speed thrash band from LA formed and fronted by Otep Shamaya. Otep on YouTube ...

Sci/Tech :  Code snakes. The code is discussed here ... Galaxy cluster MACS J0717.5+3745 ... Visualization professor Jack van Wijk developed  Myriahedral projections ... Why Minds are Not Like Computers: an analysis ... String theory article in Science News by Tom Siegfried ...

Games, Comics, Film, Animation, Toys, and Special fx : From Animate Projects : Computer Baroque: Computer animation 1987-1995 by Richard Wright. Related : Animate Projects presents Computer Baroque, an online exhibition, curated by Richard Wright ... Carousel from Phillips a frozen moment in time with evil clowns ... From Animal Logic comes Ninja Kittens ... 1stAveMachine does Samsung's Hummingbird ... RSA Films and Filmmaster Italy produced, Chris Cunningham's directed Gucci's fragrance Flora ... Cinematically incomprehensible gameplay trailer from Final Fantasy XIII ... Shot In The Back Of The Head from Moby  ... The opening cinematic for the game Wolfenstein from id ... Pandorum trailer ... Eduardo Sanchez's Seventh Moon looks like a total creep-out ...

 Google News Timeline. A new way to waste immense amounts of time because in addition to searching the Google News database, you can search through content from specific blogs, magazines and newspapers. In other words read it as it was written at the time in the original news. Gol Dang!

What!? No, uh...well I don't think so but well it's called Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl, from the sickos behind Tokyo Gore Police. These are movies so bad they are already cult classics in much the same way Plan9 From Outerspace is, except Plan9 isn't a splatter film so that analogy fails, uh huh. In fact these films are so bad that they transcend the badness of the 60's Godzilla, Mothra Japanese black and whites. They are so bad they are not even good. Which I suppose makes them a kind of ironic film statement which makes them a little better than the trash they really are. We have New York academic criticism to thank for that post-deconstructive logic. Real thanks goes to Derrada, thanks! Really! You incomprehensible ass-hole! Remember when academics used to foam at the mouth and lick his boots?

David Maisel's stunning project Terminal Mirage.
 Sam Weber illustrator.
Donato Giancola illustrator.
Sarah McKenzie painter.
Marc Sasso illustrator.
Naquib Hossain design and photography. If you have a small screen scroll down to the menu.

This is a Blog and portfolio about Art, Science, and Technology on March 31, 2009

....................... Tita SleepingMiss Tita 8/12/94 - 3/25/09
   I had to check her papers to remember how old she really was. It seemed to me she was always here. Waking up in the morning with me. Waking up when I came through the door in the afternoon, jumping up and greeting me, tail straight up.
    She following the sun across the floor, if it wasn't in the right place she demanded I move it.
   She was born a pedigree with a horribly long pedigree name, a sable colored Burmese, American apple headed, eye color gold.
   She fit in the palm of my hand when we got her at eight weeks old, just weaned, just like her brother, as small a tiny thing as anyone could imagine, with those gold eyes. We took her and her brother, with pedigree names that proud cat fanciers like to spread around. We named them Moke and?Tita. Pigeon names, Moke was tough guy, and Tita was tough girl.
    I bonded with Moke first, then Tita.
   After Lauren, my wife, died, they saved me from suicide on Lauren's pain medications because who else would care for them?
   So Moke went first.
   Tita toughed it out. 
   She never looked like an old girl, more like a kitten, at six and a quarter pounds, muscled, sleek, a jumper, fast and a talker in her old age sounding like a Siamese. Talking to herself and me for hours. Very annoying!
   Like her brother, her kidneys gave out, in the end.
   I remember her intense yellow eyes and her soft ears.
   She used to love to those ears pinched lightly and pulled, it made her purr.
   She liked to lay in my arms as I worked at the computer, her head under my chin, she like to rub the top of her head and her ears on me there, looking up occasionally, as if to say rub with your chin some more.
    You could pet her like a dog. Real dog pets too, for such a small thing. She liked to have her fur rubbed the wrong way, it got her excited and she wanted to play.
   She loved sleeping under the covers, and made a special effort everynight to go there.
   She loved lying on lundry fresh and hot from the dryer regardless of the time of the year.
   We lived together in harmony as long as I did everything her way.
   I hate the lack of sound, the soft movements, the realization that there is no longer a non human sentience here. The rhythms of another life. Cat sounds, the subsilences of another intelligence.
     I miss her terribly.

Listening To: The B-52's originated as a New Wave rock band formed in Athens, Georgia ... Cheb i Sabbah  is a club DJ. He is a Jew of Berber (Amazigh) descent now based in SF ... Kamal ambient meditation electronica from Australia ... Smile Empty Soul is a surprisingly literate post grunk metal band from LA whose music is filled with minor keys, syncopated lyrics, and sadness. Smile on YouTube  ...  Massiv in Mensch is a German industrial electronica dark rave  trance duo made up of Daniel Logemann and Mirco Osterthun ... Funker Vogt is a German industrial aggrotech band, formed by Gerrit Thomas and Jens Kostel ... Neikka Rpm hard goth electronic industrial from New York ... Negative Format is the one-man techno trance aggrotech band of Alex Matheu ... Black Mountain stoned southern blues psychedelica from B.C. Drink whisky smoke a bong lay in the sun and roll around ... Dark Meat more southern merry prankster psychedelica from Athens, Georgia ...  Long Legged Woman post grunk psychedelic grimecore from SF ... Pig Destroyer southern death grind metal from Virginia. A bucket of nails to the face ... The Wolves hard core garage punk from Helsinki. Eat your dinner and scream at your mom and dad! ... Stereo Total post grunk gararge electronica from Berlin. Play rough with your cat, make your children run with scissors ... Ratatat stoned guitar hip hop from Brooklyn. Jump up and down on your grandmother's heirloom couch ...

Found Aesthetic Objects: Cosmos ...  Plane + cloud ...

Sometimes Some Pretty Seriously Utter Pretentious Intellectual Crap : From The New Atlantis, Ari N. Schulman on why minds are not like computers ...

Sci/Tech :  From Links : More Banking Stupidity: Phished by Visa "Not content with destroying the world?s economies, the banking industry is also bent on ruining us individually, it seems. Take a look at Verified By Visa. Allegedly this protects cardholders - by training them to expect a process in which there?s absolutely no way to know whether you are being phished or not." ... Semantic Studios is an information architecture and user experience consulting firm led by Peter Morville ...  Wired goes inside the new science of neuroengineering (and part 2) ... From Infowar : A vast electronic spying operation has infiltrated computers and has stolen documents from hundreds of government and private offices around the world, including those of the Dalai Lama, Canadian researchers have concluded. Cryptome mirror of the GhostNet report: (5.1MB) ... The journal Transformative Works and Culture has published an issue that focuses on games, containing a variety of articles which examine how games interact with modern culture ... Christian Marclay plays with records ... GNU/Linux is my home ...  The text of the Open Cloud Manifesto. Related from Internetnews  ...

Games, Comics, Film, Animation, Toys, and Special fx :  A report in Variety about Marvel's movie plans suggests that there'll be plenty more on their way soon ... New look at Global Agenda the latest MMORPG ... PSST!3 is now available online ... A battle between Iron Man and Bruce Lee ... 

Leah Tinari painter.

Chris Buzelli illustrator.

Gale Albert Halaban photographs. Halaban's current exhibit at the Robert Mann Gallery.

Jeremy Forson illustrator.

Seounghyon Cho  illustrator.

Titus Kaphar painter.

Saskia Gutekunst artist cartoonist.

Kilian Plunkett artist illustrator.

Joshua the James illustrator.

Darth Vinod illustrator concept artist.

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