Some other assembly photos.

Landing gear being jigged for welding on the fuselage jig and a picture of Ken Brynestad with his beautiful wing.

Other miscellaneous assembly pictures below.

Toeout of 1/4 degree was set with shims prior to welding.

Final welding of an elevator panel.

Aileron fittings in their weld jig.

Tailfeathers assembled, engine in background.

Jim in the airplane and Tom Jensen in the "factory".

Jim in the airplane and Dave Gauthier (never before seen in a tie!) sizing it up.  The wings are under construction by Ken Brinstead at Cawley’s airport, and Jim has the engine, cowl, and other bits underway at his home airstrip south of Pierce County airport. The engine, incidently, is a fuel injected P&W R-985.

Jim fabricated the cowl from two Beech 18 top cowl halves.

Ken Brynestad (WingMan), Tom, and Dave. Ken has the plug in his hand.

Jim "holding it off"; It won't get any better than this...

More pictures!

The following are from a recent fitting of wings. Interplane struts are complete, and we hope to get it on the gear Jan 30 to finish measuring flying wires. Watch this space!!

It's a small world. The fellow in the red cap below is Keith Laird. Yes, there's a connection with Matty!

Due to a minor scewup, the seat was redone to fit Jim's seatpack parachute from his MG-2. (See cover of January 98 EAA Sportplane mag.)

Unlike the original Super Solution, Jim is incorporating a mass balance on the elevator.

This site STILL isn't organized, but here are the latest pix: New

Fuel selector is between the rudder pedals. Throttle quadrant and oil system plumbing has been added since this photo. Oil tank will go just behind the pilot.

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