The Geezer Journal

Stoneridge Golf Course

As I have entered into my golden years of retirement, I have decided to write a journal and publish it on my Web Site with
updated relevant int
erest that I have. This monthly journal I have titled, the 'Geezer Journal.' This journal will contain the adventures of a Geezer in his golden years of retirement. The things I'm doing and the places I am seeing. Whatever I am reading or watching. Including humor and controversial points of view. Hopefully something for everybody, something to ponder, something that causes you to think. It is kind of like a window into my life. As much of it as I wish to share. Right now, that window will offer up a view of my experiences, opinions and the time I am having  enjoying them, as I travel deeper into my golden years.

What the hell, I'm having fun and it is an adventure. So I hope you too will follow along and enjoy these noteworthy excursions, as I try to out pace the loosing race against the
grim reaper. At this link, all the Geezer Journals. As they have evolved, they have gotten better - Enjoy. 

My Motto:

"Work like you don't need the money,"
"Love like you have never been hurt,"
"Dance like no one is watching."


Copyright 2010, James LaJocies