Jimmy with Bird

Friends and Fellow Internet Surfers

As I have entered into my golden years of retirement, I have decided to retire the Captains Web Site. I have lost most of the passion I used to have keeping the site updated and relevant to those interests I have, and as a matter of fact, still enjoy. It frankly can take a considerable amount of time to manage a web site, writing, researching, editing and posting all of that which I have enjoyed sharing with you. But right now, I want to utilize all of that extra time enjoying all of what life can provide for me while I travel deeper into my golden years.

It has been fun and it has been an adventure. I have meant many new people and visited many wonderful places. Memories that were certainly burned into my mind for a lifetime. I can only wish that some of you have experienced some of the same adventures. I have written poetry, essay's and short-stories in which my fellow surfers, I hope you have enjoyed and found some to be thought provoking.

So go out there and enjoy it. If you can do some good; do so. After all, it all begins with us.

Work like you don't need the money, Love like you have never been hurt, Dance like no one is watching.


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