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Below is a listing of some work I have authored. Just click on the link and away you go. The best way to enjoy these ramblings is with the use of your desktop or laptop computer. Tablets can work, but it could be a little awkward and smart phones would not be a good choice because of font sizes, but they can also work. I write primarily for my own enjoyment. Sometimes it all comes out good, other times, maybe not so much so. It is impossible for me to have an understanding of everyone's sense of humor or the things that may be of an interest to you. It is my intent that you will find something that will make you smile, laugh or cause you to think. That is it in a nutshell.

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All opinions, essays and other articles published by organizations in which I would agree with, in full or in part, are views which I support or are concerned about and thought to be of an interest the reader, at least at this time.  You may agree with them or you may not. They are published here in this journal for your enjoyment, consideration and thought. So don't shoot the messenger. - Enjoy

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