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Sometime in 1969 Eye Magazine included an audio sampler with one of it's issues. The sampler consisted of two tracks. The first track had Al Kooper presenting a collage of clips from his upcoming (first) solo album I Stand Alone. The second track had Steve Katz introducing God Bless The Child from Blood Sweat and Tears upcoming album. Below are some MP3 files for you to listen to. The Blood, Sweat and Tears clip has Steve Katz talking and then God Bless The Child playing for a little while before I let it fade out. Al Kooper talks before and after the music collage so I made his entire clip available. I removed a few pops and clicks, but there are still quite a few along with some surface noise. Remember this has been up in my attic for 30 years.

Front (290K) Back (296K)

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