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I don't intend to display much here, just a few links to other people and a couple of internal links.

photos of where I live: my blog, such as it is right now

I have been surfing the Internet before Netscape was created. One very painful l esson I learned is that no one is immune from identity theft. I was a victim from 1998-2002 and still get some residual problems from that theft.
As the cop in Hill Street Blues warned - Be careful out there . UPDATE 12/04/07 I have recently been made aware that the situation is worse than I knew. If you find something that just doesn't mesh with the rest of what you find, you know the reason. UPDATE 05/15/2012 still a problem, Google won't fix it and there are probably other sites that show the nonsense.
update April 2017. Much better, maybe because of the Raphael Poliakoff in Great Britain? I don't think we are related even though name is spelled the same. But perhaps he was able to get the junk obscured.